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youths, plural;
  1. The period between childhood and adult age
    • - he had been a keen sportsman in his youth
  2. The state or quality of being young, esp. as associated with vigor, freshness, or immaturity
    • - she imagined her youth and beauty fading
  3. An early stage in the development of something
    • - this publishing sector is no longer in its youth
  4. Young people considered as a group
    • - middle-class youth have romanticized poverty
    • - youth culture
  5. A young man
    • - he was attacked by a gang of youths

  1. young person: a young person (especially a young man or boy)
  2. young: young people collectively; "rock music appeals to the young"; "youth everywhere rises in revolt"
  3. the time of life between childhood and maturity
  4. early maturity; the state of being young or immature or inexperienced
  5. an early period of development; "during the youth of the project"
  6. the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person
  7. Youth is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It first appeared in the May 1952 issue of Space Science Fiction and was reprinted in the 1955 collection The Martian Way and Other Stories. "Youth" is one of the rare Asimov stories with alien characters.
  8. Youth is the sixth studio album by Collective Soul, released in November 2004. The album was the band's first on their own label, El Music Group, after leaving Atlantic Records following the release of their greatest hits album, 7even Year Itch. ...
  9. "Youth" is an autobiographical short story by Joseph Conrad. It was written in 1898 and included as the first story in the 1902 volume Youth, a Narrative, and Two Other Stories. ...
  10. Youth is a 2002 Tamil movie starring Joseph Vijay and featuring Shaheen, Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan, and Haneefa. Simran Bagga did a cameo appearance for a song. This movie is declared as a Superhit and it was the remake of a Telugu film, Chiru Navvutho, released in 2000.
  11. Youth (foaled 1973 in Maryland) was an American-bred French Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred and raced by Texas oilman, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Youth was sired by U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee Ack Ack. His dam was Hunt's French-bred mare Gazala, a daughter of the 1953 Kentucky Derby winner, Dark Star.
  12. Youth is an album by American Hasidic Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu, which was released on March 7, 2006. It is his second proper studio release, as Live at Stubb's is a live album. ...
  13. The period of life from birth up to the first Saturn Return.
  14. cniht; geoguð; hyse, m.; mago, m
  15. Ontario Youth Choir 1976; Jeunes chanteurs d'Acadie, Moncton, NB 1978; Medway High School Concert Choir, London, Ont 1980; no first 1982; Western Canada High School Madrigal Singers, Calgary 1984; Amabile Youth Singers, London, Ont 1986; no first 1988; Ensemble Cantare, Montreal and Amabile ...
  16. The World Health Organization refers to those in the 15-24 age range as youth.
  17. Church department focusing on teenagers and their spiritual development.
  18. For the purposes of participation in Youth-Only hunting seasons for deer, turkey, and squirrel, is any person 16 years of age or younger. For youth duck seasons, it is any person 15 years of age or younger (see the Waterfowl Digest for season dates).
  19. suicide: Suicide among young people. The Australian Bureau of Statistics releases information in year groups for those aged 15 to 24 - this is often termed youth suicide, but rates are lower in school-aged young people than in those aged 19 to 24.
  20. A non-consistently defined age group internationally and in the U.S. Sometimes describing adolescents aged 13-19 and sometimes older young people from age 15-24.
  21. For the purpose of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), those individuals 14 to 21 years of age, with "Older Youth" consisting of those 19 - 21, and "Younger Youth" covering 14 - 18.
  22. The period in life between childhood and maturity, known as adolescence. Generally speaking, given the requirements of programs NCWD/Youth will address, the age range for youth is between 14 and 25, although it may extend as low as 12 and as high as 29. Youth can be both in and out of school.
  23. In law, in British Columbia a person under the age of 19. See "Age of Majority," "Disability" and "Infant."
  24. That strange stage of life when a person is not fully mature enough to have blocked off his connection with the truth and thus cannot possibly be wise enough to be taken seriously. ...
  25. represents a thought-provoking challenge to a new generation of social science students, youth researchers and practitioners to distance themselves from the politically- and emotively-charged issue of youth in contemporary society and move further towards re-theorizing the concept of youth in ...