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youngest, superlative; younger, comparative;
  1. Having lived or existed for only a short time
    • - a young girl
    • - the young are amazingly resilient
  2. Not as old as the norm or as would be expected
    • - more people were dying young
  3. Relating to, characteristic of, or consisting of young people
    • - young love
    • - a young authors' association
  4. Immature or inexperienced
    • - she's very young for her age
  5. Having the qualities popularly associated with young people, such as enthusiasm and optimism
    • - all those who are young at heart
  6. Used to denote the younger of two people of the same name
    • - Pitt the Younger
  7. Denoting the heir of a landed commoner
    • - Hugh Magnus Macleod, younger of Macleod
  1. Offspring, esp. of an animal before or soon after birth
    • - this species carries its young

  1. (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth; "young people"
  2. any immature animal
  3. United States film and television actress (1913-2000)
  4. new: (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity; "new potatoes"; "young corn"
  5. United States civil rights leader (1921-1971)
  6. youthful: suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh; "he is young for his age"
  7. Young is a lunar crater that is located in the rugged southeast part of the Moon's near side. It lies to the east of the crater Metius, and southeast of Rheita. ...
  8. "Young" is a single by American country music singer Kenny Chesney. It was the first single released in December 2001 from his 2002 album "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems". It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in 2002.
  9. Young is a town in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia and is the centre of Young Shire. At the 2006 census, Young had a population of 7,141. Young is the Cherry Capital Of Australia and every year hosts the National Cherry Festival. ...
  10. Swan Songs is the debut album by Hollywood Undead. The album was released on September 2, 2008. "Everywhere I Go" was the first single to be released, it was a web single and was available for download only on iTunes. The band released four music videos for four songs on the album, "No. ...
  11. Young is a surname originating in England and Scotland. Derived from the Old English word geong, meaning "young," the Young surname was used as a descriptive name to distinguish father from son or to the younger of two relatives. Young can also be a Korean surname and Chinese surname. ...
  12. The aging of wine, and its ability to potentially improve in quality, distinguishes wine from most other consumable goods. ...
  13. People who are young; young beings; The younger generation; Offspring; To become or seem to become younger; To cause to appear younger; To exhibit younging; In the early part of growth or life; born not long ago; As if young; having the look or qualities of a young person; Of or belonging to ...
  14. (youngness) The state or qualities of being young or youthful; youth
  15. To dream of seeing young people, is a prognostication of reconciliation of family disagreements and favorable times for planning new enterprises. To dream that you are young again, foretells that you will make mighty efforts to recall lost opportunities, but will nevertheless fail. ...
  16. Wine that is not matured and usually bottled and sold within a year of its vintage.
  17. Immature, light and fresh-the latter if applied to a wine drunk young.
  18. In simple wines signifies youthful freshness; in finer wines, refers to immaturity, wines as yet undeveloped
  19. When used to describe a planetary surface, "young" means that the visible features are of relatively recent origin, i.e. that older features have been destroyed by erosion or lava flows. ...
  20. "young" for a star must be interpreted in the context of the average stellar lifetime of billions of years. A young star is one that is no more than a few million years old.
  21. Not yet mature or at its peak -- still developing.
  22. To see young people in your dream, symbolizes an end to your worries and a fresh outlook on life will be gained.To dream that you are young again, symbolizes your failed attempts to rectify past mistakes and lost opportunities.
  23. clear evidence of formation mode is present, but little or no evidence is present that subsequent development has occurred.
  24. A wine which is not yet mature and needs to be left to age.
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