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wounded, past participle; wounds, 3rd person singular present; wounding, present participle; wounded, past tense;
  1. Inflict an injury on (someone)
    • - the sergeant was seriously wounded
    • - a wounded soldier
  2. Injure (a person's feelings)
    • - you really wounded his pride when you turned him down
    • - her wounded feelings

  1. hurt: suffering from physical injury especially that suffered in battle; "nursing his wounded arm"; "ambulances...for the hurt men and women"
  2. people who are wounded; "they had to leave the wounded where they fell"
  3. (wounding) stabbing: causing physical or especially psychological injury; "a stabbing remark"; "wounding and false charges of disloyalty"
  4. (wounding) wound: the act of inflicting a wound
  5. Wounded is a stage play collaboratively developed by The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble under the direction of the ensemble's artistic director Tom Burmester. The play was inspired by interviews with injured veterans at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC.
  6. Wounded is the second full-length studio album of the American progressive rock band Enchant, released in 1996.
  7. "Wounded" is the second song on American rock band Third Eye Blind's second album Blue. The music and lyrics were written by lead singer Stephan Jenkins and former lead guitarist Kevin Cadogan.
  8. The Wounded is a Dutch wave-rock band, hailing from the province of Drenthe, in the north of The Netherlands. They play intense and melancholy rock.
  9. (The Wounds) The Wounds (Ране, Rane) is a 1998 Serbian drama film written and directed by Srđan Dragojević.
  10. (Wounds) In medicine, a wound is a type of injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound). In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the skin.
  11. (Wounds (album)) Wounds is the third full length release by the band, The Funeral Pyre. It was released on May 27, 2008.
  12. (Wounds (song)) Overgrown Eden is the debut album from Essex alternative trio InMe. The album was released in the UK on 30 January 2003. The album produced four singles before and after the album's release. The singles released were "Underdose", "Firefly", "Crushed like Fruit" and "Neptune". ...
  13. (Wounding) Taking more than your fair share of food in the dining hall. This activity was very popular amongst girls of a particular house (named after one of the main rivers in the country). Rumour has it that they even extended their wounding prowess to 'salt' and 'remi'.
  14. (Wounding) The tangle of beliefs, experiences and issues that people work on throughout their incarnations.
  15. (Wounding) When the highest current is applied for several seconds, cell death ensues due to severe electroporation and possible local heating effects.
  16. (Wounds) One of two ways of indicating the amount of injury a character can sustain, listed as a level. The level is determined by comparing the difference between the damage total and the damage resistance total to a chart. May be used alone or with Body Points.
  17. Treatment of wounds was directed at reversing the effects of blood loss, preventing infection, and repairing damage. Massive blood loss could kill a man within minutes and had to be controlled at once by the front-line medic. This often meant the use of tourniquets. ...
  18. A character who has taken damage, reducing its Hit Points below its starting amount, is wounded.
  19. Knee, A Wound That Won't Heal Did the Army Attempt To Coverup the Massacre of Prisoners of War?