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Of poorer quality or a lower standard; less good or desirable,
  1. Of poorer quality or a lower standard; less good or desirable
    • - the accommodations were awful, and the food was worse
  2. More serious or severe
    • - the movement made the pain worse
  3. More reprehensible or evil
    • - it is worse to intend harm than to be indifferent
  4. In a less satisfactory or pleasant condition; more ill or unhappy
    • - he felt worse, and groped his way back to bed
  1. A more serious or unpleasant event or circumstance
    • - the small department was already stretched to the limit, but worse was to follow
  2. A less good, favorable, or pleasant condition
    • - the weather changed for the worse
  1. Less well or skillfully
    • - the more famous I became the worse I painted
  2. More seriously or severely
    • - the others had been drunk too, worse than herself
  3. Used to introduce a statement of circumstances felt by the speaker to be more serious or undesirable than others already mentioned
    • - The system will find it hard to sort out property disputes. Even worse, the law will discourage foreign investment

  1. something inferior in quality or condition or effect; "for better or for worse"; "accused of cheating and lying and worse"
  2. (comparative of `ill') in a less effective or successful or desirable manner; "he did worse on the second exam"
  3. changed for the worse in health or fitness; "I feel worse today"; "her cold is worse"
  4. A worse condition; comparative form of bad: more bad; comparative form of ill: more ill; Of lower quality, less desirable; More severe or serious; More evil; comparative form of badly: more badly; comparative form of ill: more ill; Less skillfully; More severely or seriously; Used to start a ...
  5. (worseness) The state or condition of being worse
  6. Very stoned or drunk. ‘I am s-o-o-o-o worse!’
  7. The Fort Hood command structure, and the Pentagon chaps, have been repeatedly offered the verifiable process to prevent the suicides, and they never ask the first questions that would start the verification process (for an explainable and correctable reason). ...