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workmen, plural;
  1. A man employed to do manual labor

  2. A person with specified skill in a job or craft
    • - you check it through, like all good workmen do

  1. an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
  2. (workmanship) craft: skill in an occupation or trade
  3. Workman was a racehorse and the 1939 Grand National Winner, coming in at 100/8 in the colours of millionaire match manufacturer Sir Alexander Maguire. It was ridden by Timmy Hyde and trained by Jack Ruttle out of Hazelhatch Stud. It won by three lengths from Mac Moffat (25/1).
  4. Workmanship refers to the quality of the work of an artisan or craftsman. The concept is applied not only to goods manufactured largely manufactured by hand, but to highly automated assembly processes.
  5. (Workmanship (album)) Workmanship is an EP by Joy Electric released exclusively as a 7" vinyl record album through Republic of Texas Recordings. Workmanship was completely written and recorded by Ronnie Martin on a Minimoog Voyager synthesizer. The EP features four tracks.
  6. (Workmanship (disambiguation)) Workmanship is the skill of an artisan or craftsman.
  7. (Workmanship) The overall finish of the diamond, including the polish on the facets, the symmetry of facets with respect to each other, and the shape of the culet.
  8. (Workmanship) the art or skill of a workman or workwoman.
  9. (WORKMANSHIP) the quality and skill employed during the construction as seen at the conclusion of the completed project.
  10. (6. Workmanship) All items must conform to workmanship requirements as specified on applicable drawings and specifications. If no revision is specified, the most current revision is applicable. ...
  11. (Workmanship) Doing a good job of building your model and maintaining it after it is built is very, veryimportant! Countless crashes could be prevented by ensuring best building practices are followed.
  12. (Workmanship) This is our warranty. It covers defects in craftsmanship. The specifics of the warranty are outlined in the contract that you signed. Our labor warranty will be transferable one time free of charge.
  13. (Workmanship) a measure of how well made a point or point type is. In general, true arrow points were more crudely made than spear or atlatl points because they were more easily lost.