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workloads, plural;
  1. The amount of work to be done by someone or something
    • - he had been given three deputies to ease his workload

  1. work that a person is expected to do in a specified time
  2. The term workload can refer to a number of different yet related entities.
  3. the amount of labor hours required to carry out specified maintenance tasks.
  4. a quantitative measure of the learning activities that may feasibly be required for the achievement of the learning outcomes (e.g. lectures, seminars, practical work, private study, information retrieval, research, examinations).
  5. Review of planned work demand on resources over time spans versus acceptable limits and their availability.
  6. (Click here to read an excerpt from CFA (Unit 3) Collective Bargaining Agreement eff. 5/15/07)
  7. ^^1[DSMC] The amount of work in terms of predetermined work units which organizations or individuals perform or are responsible for performing. ^^2[DSMC] A quantitative expression of human tasks, usually identified as standard hours of work or a corresponding number of units.
  8. The output of a radiation machine or a radioactive source integrated over a suitable time and expressed in appropriate units.
  9. The quantity of processing to include the machine cycles and the disk I/Os.
  10. Your workload in your program of study is defined by the number of credit points you enrol for during the academic year. Full-time students generally study about 24 credit points a year, and part-time students about 12.
  11. For agents, the combination of total conversation (talk) time and after-call work time.  For trunks, the combination of ring time, delay time, and conversation time.
  12. the physical effort needed to do a job.
  13. The amount of work you have to do for your university course.
  14. defined as the scan time plus partition costs.
  15. The percent responsibility an instructor has for teaching the class. If a class has only one instructor then the workload would be 100%. If there are two or more instructors for a class section, the workload must be divided such 50% and 50% or 75% and 25%.
  16. Often used interchangeably with Call Load. Work load can also refer to non-call activities.
  17. Approach, Phase/stage definitions (Project (change) activities, Technical delivery activities, Workload estimate/breakdown, Project plan and schedule, Critical path)
  18. Like ‘service’, the term ‘workload’ is not at all specific in the context of cloud, but it comes up all the time. Unlike ‘dynamic’, I don’t see a lot of misuse of this term, but confusion ensues because of one primary reason. ...
  19. The combination of frequency, intensity, and duration.
  20. typical lift. Usually up to 25 percent of the Maximum Load.
  21. Workload is the stimulus applied to a system, application, or component to simulate a usage pattern, in regard to concurrency and/or data inputs. The workload includes the total number of users, concurrent active users, data volumes, and transaction volumes, along with the transaction mix. ...
  22. (full time or part time)