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wings, plural;
  1. Travel on wings or by aircraft; fly
    • - a bird came winging around the corner
  2. Move, travel, or be sent quickly, as if flying
    • - the prize will be winging its way to you soon
  3. Throw with the arm
    • - he scooped up the ball and winged it toward Freddie
  4. Send or convey (something) quickly, as if by air
    • - just jot down the title on a postcard and wing it to us
  5. Enable (someone or something) to fly or move rapidly
    • - the convent was at some distance, but fear would wing her steps
  6. Shoot (a bird) in the wing, so as to prevent flight without causing death
    • - one bird was winged for every bird killed
  7. Wound (someone) superficially, esp. in the arm or shoulder

  8. Speak or act without preparation; improvise
    • - a little boning up puts you ahead of the job seekers who try to wing it
  1. Any of a number of specialized paired appendages that enable some animals to fly, in particular

  2. (in a bird) A modified forelimb that bears large feathers

  3. (in a bat or pterosaur) A modified forelimb with skin stretched between or behind the fingers

  4. (in most insects) Each of two or four flat extensions of the thoracic cuticle, either transparent or covered in scales

  5. The meat on the wing bone of a bird used as food

  6. Power or means of flight or rapid motion
    • - time flies by on wings
  7. A rigid horizontal structure that projects from both sides of an aircraft and supports it in the air

  8. A pilot's certificate of ability to fly a plane, indicated by a badge representing a pair of wings
    • - Michael earned his wings as a commercial pilot
  9. A part that projects, in particular

  10. A raised part of the body of a car or other vehicle above the wheel

  11. A part of a large building, esp. one that projects from the main part
    • - the maternity wing at South Cleveland Hospital
  12. Either end (port or starboard) of a ship's navigational bridge

  13. A lateral part or projection of an organ or structure

  14. A thin membranous appendage of a fruit or seed that is dispersed by the wind

  15. A group within a political party or other organization that holds particular views or has a particular function
    • - Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA
  16. A side area, or a person or activity associated with that area, in particular

  17. The sides of a theater stage out of view of the audience

  18. (in soccer, rugby, and other games) The part of the field close to the sidelines

  19. (in soccer, ice hockey, and other games) An attacking player who plays mostly forward close to one side of the field or rink

  20. A flank of a battle array

  21. An air force unit of several squadrons or groups

  1. a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)
  2. fly: travel through the air; be airborne; "Man cannot fly"
  3. one of the horizontal airfoils on either side of the fuselage of an airplane
  4. a stage area out of sight of the audience
  5. a unit of military aircraft
  6. flank: the side of military or naval formation; "they attacked the enemy's right flank"
  7. A wing is a surface used to produce lift for flight through the atmosphere - or occasionally through another gaseous or fluid substance. Another word for an artificial wing is an airfoil, and airfoils always have a distinctive cross-sectional shape.
  8. In computing, WinG (pronounced Win Gee) is an application programming interface that provides faster graphics performance on Windows 3.x operating environments, and was positioned as a way to help game developers more easily port their DOS games to Microsoft Windows. ...
  9. WING "ESPN 1410" is a commercial AM radio station in Dayton, Ohio operating with 5,000 watts at 1410 kHz with studios, offices and transmitter located on David Road in Kettering. It is the first (and oldest) full-time commercial radio station in Dayton. ...
  10. Air is a Japanese visual novel developed by Key which was originally released as an adult game on September 8, 2000 playable on personal computers (PC) as a CD-ROM. Subsequent versions with the adult content removed were sold playable on the PC, Dreamcast, and PlayStation 2. ...
  11. (for the panels around the wheels of a car see Fender (vehicle)
  12. Wing or Wings, in comics, may refer to: *Wing (DC Comics), also known as Wing How, is a DC Comics superhero and valet of the Crimson Avenger *Wing (Marvel Comics), a Marvel Comics character *Wing (Elfquest), a character from Elfquest *Colleen Wing, a Marvel Comics character * "", an Elseworlds ...
  13. An appendage of an animal's (bird, bat, insect) body that enables it to fly; Human arm; Part of an airplane that produces the lift for rising into the air; Part of a building, an extension from the main building; Part of a huge room. (Can we verify^(+) this sense? ...
  14. (wed) To perform the marriage ceremony for; to join in matrimony; To take as one's spouse; To take a spouse; To join (more or less permanently)
  15. (Winging) The term used for a faulty movement of llamas. As the llama moves a front foot forward, it will swing the front feet in towards the midline and then back out away from the body before placing it back down. ...
  16. (Winging) A gaiting fault where one or both front feet twist outward as the limbs swing forward.
  17. (Winging) discusses good practices in working together with your wing to achieve your goals
  18. (Wings) both the side areas of the stage and the painted, canvas-covered flats masking that area and forming part of the set.
  19. (Wings) The panels on either side of a steeplechase fence, which are designed to guide a horse to a fence.
  20. (Wings) off-stage of theater stage, left or right of the acting area.
  21. Right/left wings predominately move up and down the sides of the rink with the direction of play. Offensively, they skate alongside the center, passing back and forth and positioning themselves for a shot on goal. ...
  22. (Wings) Devices on the front and rear of the race car which produce aerodynamic downforce.
  23. (WINGS) As used in Rev. 4:8, it represents the Lord s Word of the Old and New Testaments. This text is paralleled in Isaiah 6. ...
  24. (WINGS) Butterflies and moths have four wings. The wings are made of two chitonous layers (membranes) that are nourished and supported by tubular veins.
  25. (WINGS) Freedom; desire to transcend current difficulties / Seeking 'angelic' protection; mothering or mentoring someone (taking them under your wing); improvising a plan (winging it); soaring emotions