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  1. Wil is the capital of the Wahlkreis (constituency) of Wil in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland.
  2. KZQZ (1430 AM) is a radio station in St. Louis, Missouri. It was formerly WIL, a country music format station owned by Bonneville International (sale pending). In early March 2008, the station dropped its "Country Legends 1430" format in favor of a combination of 1950s/1960s oldies and talk . ...
  3. WILS (1320 AM) is a radio station located in Lansing, Michigan broadcasting a news-talk format.
  4. wile, trick or device
  5. (WILS) Public libraries can obtain materials from Wisconsin s academic libraries by requesting them from Wisconsin Inter-Library Services. WILS is also the local provider of OCLC services.
  6. can be used in another context of cursing, when you tell someone “Allah i3tîk lwîl” (May God give you perdition/send you to hell). But it can be used for teasing, by telling the person you actually meant the French word “l’huile”, which sounds exactly like lwîl and means oil.
  7. Well. Also "wilt," as in "thou wil it note."
  8. workflow intermediate language
  9. Women's International League
  10. on i want this online, where can i get this?