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Found or distributed over a large area or number of people,
  1. Found or distributed over a large area or number of people
    • - there was widespread support for the war

  1. widely circulated or diffused; "a widespread doctrine"; "widespread fear of nuclear war"
  2. far-flung: distributed over a considerable extent; "far-flung trading operations"; "the West's far-flung mountain ranges"; "widespread nuclear fallout"
  3. Affecting a large area (e.g. the entire land or body); broad in extent
  4. A style of bathroom lavatory faucet having separate spout and handles, usually 8" from center of handle to handle.
  5. Occurring extensively throughout an area.
  6. Scope of a deficiency is widespread when the problems causing the deficiency is pervasive in the health care facility and/or represents a systemic failure that affected or has the potential to affect a large portion or all of the facility's residents.
  7. covering wide area, nearly 75%
  8. extending over a wide area
  9. spread over, open, or occupying a large space