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Expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives,
  1. Expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives
    • - he seemed undecided whether to go or stay
    • - it is still not clear whether or not he realizes
  2. Expressing an inquiry or investigation (often used in indirect questions)
    • - I'll see whether she's at home
  3. Indicating that a statement applies whichever of the alternatives mentioned is the case
    • - I'm going whether you like it or not

  1. Which of two. [11th-19th c.]; Introducing a direct interrogative question (often with correlative or) which indicates doubt between alternatives; Used to introduce an indirect interrogative question that consists of multiple alternative possibilities (usually with correlative or); Without a ...
  2. means "if" and is used only inside sentences: I don't know whether to bring an umbrella or not.
  3. to use mathematics in a particular situation
  4. means if it is so, not because of or anything having to do with the weather. [So, you might like the weather, whether it snows or rains.]