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weaker, comparative; weakest, superlative;
  1. Lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy
    • - she was recovering from the flu and was very weak
  2. Lacking political or social power or influence
    • - the central government had grown too weak to impose order
    • - the new king used his powers to protect the weak
  3. (of a crew, team, or army) Containing too few members or members of insufficient quality

  4. (of a faculty or part of the body) Not able to fulfill its functions properly
    • - he had a weak stomach
  5. Of a low standard; performing or performed badly
    • - the choruses on this recording are weak
  6. Not convincing or logically forceful
    • - the argument is an extremely weak one
    • - a weak plot
  7. Exerting only a small force
    • - a weak magnetic field
  8. Liable to break or give way under pressure; easily damaged
    • - the salamander's tail may be broken off at a weak spot near the base
  9. Lacking the force of character to hold to one's own decisions, beliefs, or principles; irresolute

  10. (of a belief, emotion, or attitude) Not held or felt with such conviction or intensity as to prevent its being abandoned or dispelled
    • - their commitment to the project is weak
  11. Not in a secure financial position
    • - people have no faith in weak banks
  12. (of prices or a market) Having a downward tendency

  13. Lacking intensity or brightness
    • - a weak light from a single street lamp
  14. (of a liquid or solution) Lacking flavor or effectiveness because of being heavily diluted
    • - a cup of weak coffee
  15. (of an acid) Only slightly ionized

  16. Displaying or characterized by a lack of enthusiasm or energy
    • - she managed a weak, nervous smile
  17. (of features) Not striking or strongly marked
    • - his beard covered a weak chin
  18. (of a syllable) Unstressed

  19. Denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by addition of a suffix (in English, typically -ed);contrasted with strong

  20. Of, relating to, or denoting the weakest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts only at distances less than about 1015 cm, is very much weaker than the electromagnetic and the strong interactions, and conserves neither strangeness, parity, nor isospin

  1. wanting in physical strength; "a weak pillar"
  2. watery: overly diluted; thin and insipid; "washy coffee"; "watery milk"; "weak tea"
  3. unaccented: (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress; "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"; "a weak stress on the second syllable"
  4. fallible: wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings; "I'm only a fallible human"; "frail humanity"
  5. tending downward in price; "a weak market for oil stocks"
  6. deficient or lacking in some skill; "he's weak in spelling"
  7. Seaweed is a band from Tacoma, Washington who were active throughout the 1990s. Their style of music is a combination of punk rock and grunge, mostly due to its 'dirty' sound. ...
  8. In grammar, the term weak (originally coined in German: schwach) is used in opposition to the term strong (stark) to designate a conjugation or declension when a language has two parallel systems. ...
  9. "Weak" is a song by Skunk Anansie, released as their fourth single. The single was the last release to be taken from their debut album Paranoid and Sunburnt. The song is regarded as one of Skunk Anansie's most well known releases, and often a favourite at festivals. ...
  10. "Weak" is an R&B ballad recorded by the girl group SWV for their debut album, It's About Time (1992). It was written and produced by Brian Alexander Morgan, who composed the lyrics based upon his feelings towards R&B singer Chanté Moore.
  11. Weakness is a symptom used to describe a number of different conditions, including: lack of muscle strength, malaise, dizziness or fatigue. The causes are many and can be divided into conditions that have true or perceived muscle weakness. ...
  12. (Weakness (EP)) Weakness is an EP by Extinction of Mankind, released as a 7" in 1994.
  13. Lacking in force (usually strength) or ability; Dilute, lacking in taste or potency; Regular in inflection, especially of verbs; One of the four fundamental forces associated with nuclear decay; Bad or uncool; (Can we verify^(+) this sense?) Good or cool ( we had a weak time ) slang in P.E. ...
  14. (Weakness) Any pawn or square that is difficult or impossible to defend.
  15. (Weakness) If a Pokémon has Weakness, it takes more damage when attacked by Pokémon of a certain type. The effect of the Weakness is indicated next to the type(s) of Weakness a Pokémon has, if any.
  16. ("Weakness") is a flaw in the proposal that increases the risk of unsuccessful performance. (FAR 15.301)
  17. (Weakness) A general term for a positional disadvantage
  18. (Weakness) A lack of ability or a shortcoming in character
  19. (Weakness) A statement written in the Board of Examiners report indicating that a unit has not met expected levels of achievement in one or more elements of a standard. The Board of Examiners may cite a weakness or weaknesses and still recommend that the standard is met. ...
  20. (Weakness) As used in CMMI appraisal materials, the ineffective, or lack of, implementation of one or more CMMI model practices.
  21. (Weakness) Brains (not very swift)
  22. (Weakness) Insults about his appearance
  23. (Weakness) Reluctance to stand up or move, droopy posture
  24. (weakness) (naatavaanii) InAvatAn
  25. (weakness) a lack or reduction of strength in one or more muscles.