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watchdogs, plural;
  1. Maintain surveillance over (a person, activity, or situation)
    • - how can we watchdog our investments?
  1. A dog kept to guard private property

  2. A person or group whose function is to monitor the practices of companies providing a particular service or utility
    • - a watchdog for the global banking industry

  1. a guardian or defender against theft or illegal practices or waste; "she is the global watchdog for human rights abuses"
  2. a dog trained to guard property
  3. A watchdog timer (or computer operating properly (COP) timer) is a computer hardware or software timer that triggers a system reset or other corrective action if the main program, due to some fault condition, such as a hang, neglects to regularly service the watchdog (writing a "service pulse" ...
  4. Watchdog is a BBC television series that investigates viewers' reports of problematic experiences with traders, retailers, and other companies around the UK. ...
  5. The Watchdogs were a fictional right-wing terrorist group in the Marvel Universe. They were almost exclusively enemies of Captain America, and first appeared in Captain America vol. 1, #335.
  6. a guard dog; a person or organization that monitors and publicizes the behavior of others (individuals, corporations, governments) to discover undesirable activity; To perform a function analogous to a watchdog; To guard and warn
  7. (Watchdogs) Customers who engage the services of others often do not see the internal capabilities or constraints under which their suppliers operate. Watchdogs ensure that the long-term interests of the user community are being served.
  8. A fail-safe mechanism that can be used to set I/O points to a "safe" state if communications with the controller is lost.
  9. A circuit in the System that prevents microprocessor latch up. The watchdog circuit minimizes the likelihood that voltage transients will "crash" the system.
  10. Another name for computer operating properly circuitry.
  11. Alert condition used on Dreamland freqs. When Freedom Ridge and White Sides were still public land, pilots were advised, "Watchdog is in effect," whenever civilians were on the viewpoints looking down at the base. ...