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warriors, plural;
  1. (esp. in former times) A brave or experienced soldier or fighter

  1. someone engaged in or experienced in warfare
  2. A warrior is a person experienced in or capable of engaging in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class. According to the Random House Dictionary, the term warrior has two meanings. ...
  3. Warrior is an upcoming action drama about mixed martial arts set to be released in sometime in 2011 by Lionsgate. The film will star Nick Nolte, Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Justin Berg and Jennifer Morrison. The movie will be directed by Gavin O'Connor and produced by Greg O'Connor.
  4. Warrior is a contemporary worship music album released by UK worship leader, Noel Richards. This album holds the record of being the highest-selling album of Richards' to date. The album also features several guest vocalists including Martin Smith, Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick and Dave Bilbrough.
  5. Warrior is a 1979 arcade game and is one of the pioneers in the fighting game genre. It has been regarded as the first fighting game,"The Making of... Warrior". (December 2006) Edge Magazine 169, pp. 101-103 however it was predated by Sega's Heavyweight Champ, released in 1976.
  6. Warrior is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1982.
  7. Lobo (previously known as Warrior) is an open-source Java based browser with support for HTML 4, JavaScript and CSS2. Lobo also supports direct rendering of JavaFX and Java (Swing or AWT) sources.
  8. Warrior is a character class (or job) found in many role-playing games. This class may also be referred to as Fighter, as in Dungeons & Dragons. The class is sometimes also referred to as a Knight, although in some games this is a separate class with a more chivalric aspect. ...
  9. Warrior was a British comics anthology that ran for 26 issues between March 1982 and January 1985. It was edited by Dez Skinn and published by his company Quality Communications. It featured early work by comics writer Alan Moore, including V for Vendetta and Marvelman.
  10. Guy Gardner is a fictional character, a comic book superhero published by DC Comics. He is a core member of the Green Lantern family of characters, and for a time (late 1980s through mid 1990s) was also a significant member of the Justice League family of characters.
  11. This is a list of alternate base character classes to the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. As base classes rather than prestige classes, they can be taken by newly created characters without need for any prerequisites.
  12. Warrior is a fantasy novel written by Australian author Jennifer Fallon. It is the second in a trilogy titled the Hythrun Chronicles.
  13. "Warrior" is a song performed by rapper Nelly. It was released on July 29, 2008 promotionally for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The song appears on the AT&T TEAM USA Soundtrack as well as on the iTunes Store edition of Nelly's fourth studio album, Brass Knuckles.
  14. Warrior was a privately owned and constructed steamboat that was pressed into service by the U.S. government during the Black Hawk War to assist with military operations. ...
  15. This is a list of the thirteen episodes of the British children's television series TUGS which first broadcast in 1989.
  16. Victory is the fifth studio album by the Swedish death metal band, Unleashed. It was released in 1997 on Century Media Records.
  17. The FV510 Warrior tracked vehicle family are a series of British armoured vehicles, originally developed to replace the older FV430 series of armoured vehicles. ...
  18. World of Warcraft, often referred to as WoW, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by '' in 1994. ...
  19. Warrior (born James Brian Hellwig on June 16, 1959) is a retired American professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s as the Ultimate Warrior, during which time he won the WWF Championship and ...
  20. The Warrior (2001) is a multi-award winning film by British-Indian filmmaker Asif Kapadia. It stars Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan as Lafcadia, a warrior in feudal Rajasthan who attempts to give up the sword.
  21. Warrior is the name of the only full-length album by the rock group Scandal. The album reached a high of #17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 album charts on the strength of the lead single "The Warrior".
  22. The fifth season of the military science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 commenced airing on Showtime in the United States on June 29, 2001, concluded on Sky1 in the United Kingdom on February 6, 2002, and contained 22 episodes. ...
  23. A person who is actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare; a soldier or combatant; A person who is aggressively, courageously, or energetically involved in an activity, such as athletics
  24. (The Warriors) (EP), Tooth and Nail, 1999.
  25. (WARRIORS) Violent, respected, solo hunters with high Yautja technology. They travel the Universe to find honorable hunting.