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Engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict,
  1. Engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict
    • - guerrilla warfare

  1. war: the waging of armed conflict against an enemy; "thousands of people were killed in the war"
  2. war: an active struggle between competing entities; "a price war"; "a war of wits"; "diplomatic warfare"
  3. War is a phenomenon of organized violent conflict between belligerent groups or nations, typified by extreme aggression, societal disruption and adaptation, and high mortality. ...
  4. Warfare is a character in the Extinctioners series of comic books.
  5. Military engagements · Naval warfare · Convoy system · Air warfare · Cryptography · Horse use  · Poison gas · Railways · Strategic bombing · Technology · Trench warfare · Total war · Surviving veterans · Christmas truce
  6. organized, armed conflict between groups, each of which is motivated by a common purpose.
  7. is a character in Extinctioners. He first appeared in Extinctioners volume 2, issue 3: "Countdown to Extinction" Part 4. The story and pencils were by Shawntae Howard, inks by Sara Palmer, and lettering by Carole Curtis and Fender.
  8. (as in Ancient Greece the word indicated a war dance) - probably not, few war-like intent apparent in the poem;
  9. The French and the English engaged in intermittent warfare in France for over a century. This conflict, known as the Hundred Years War, sapped the vitality of the two strongest monarchial states during the period.