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waiters, plural;
  1. A man whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant

  2. A person who waits for a time, event, or opportunity

  3. A small tray; a salver

  1. a person whose occupation is to serve at table (as in a restaurant)
  2. a person who waits or awaits
  3. Waiting staff, wait staff, or waitstaff are those who work at a restaurant or a bar attending customers — supplying them with food and drink as requested. Traditionally, a male waiting tables is called a "waiter" and a female a "waitress" with the gender-neutral version being a "server". ...
  4. Garçon! (Waiter!) is a 1983 French film directed by Claude Sautet and starring Yves Montand, Nicole Garcia, Jacques Villeret, Marie Dubois, Dominique Laffin, and Bernard Fresson. It received 4 César nominations, for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (twice) and Best Sound.
  5. Waiter (Ober) is a 2006 black comedy film by Alex van Warmerdam. It tells the story of Edgar, a discontented waiter. The film had its world premiere on the Toronto Film Festival on September 10, 2006 . ...
  6. The Waiter is a 2007 feature film written, directed, and produced by Jason Konopisos. The film stars Charles Durning and Glenn Morshower.
  7. A male attendant who serves customers in a restaurant, cafe or similar; Someone who waits, such as at a table
  8. To dream of a waiter, signifies you will be pleasantly entertained by a friend. To see one cross or disorderly, means offensive people will thrust themselves upon your hospitality.
  9. The Wii Remote rests in the dominant hand, face-up
  10. a Customs Officer who collected duty on imported goods which arrived with the high tide.
  11. Customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in
  12. (Silver) A small silver tray dating from the eighteenth century.
  13. Camaré Butcher: Carnisser