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waistlines, plural;
  1. An imaginary line around a person's body at the waist, esp. with respect to its size
    • - eliminating inches from the waistline
  2. The shaping and position of the waist of a garment

  1. waist: the narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips
  2. The waistline is the line of demarcation between the upper and lower portions of a garment, which notionally corresponds to the natural waist but may vary with fashion from just below the bust to below the hips. The waistline of a garment is often used to accentuate different features. ...
  3. Point at which the bodice and skirt are joined
  4. A British term for Belt line. An imaginary or molded horizontal line below the bottom of the side window that separates the roof area from the bottom of the body
  5. The narrowest part of a dress other than the neck opening, also the bottom of the bodice unless the dress has a belt or sash. This includes: