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volunteers, plural;
  1. Freely offer to do something
    • - he volunteered for the job
    • - I rashly volunteered to be a contestant
  2. Offer (help) in such a way
    • - he volunteered his services as a driver for the convoy
  3. Say or suggest something without being asked
    • - it never paid to volunteer information
    • - “Her name's Louise,” Christina volunteered
  4. Work for an organization without being paid

  5. Commit (someone) to a particular undertaking, typically without consulting them
    • - he was volunteered for parachute training by friends
  1. A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task

  2. A person who works for an organization without being paid

  3. A person who freely enrolls for military service rather than being conscripted, esp. a member of a force formed by voluntary enrollment and distinct from the regular army

  4. A plant that has not been deliberately planted

  5. A person to whom a voluntary conveyance or deposition is made

  1. (military) a person who freely enlists for service
  2. tell voluntarily; "He volunteered the information"
  3. unpaid: without payment; "the soup kitchen was run primarily by unpaid helpers"; "a volunteer fire department"
  4. a person who performs voluntary work
  5. agree freely; "She volunteered to drive the old lady home"; "I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it"
  6. Tennessean: a native or resident of Tennessee
  7. In general terms, volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services. ...
  8. Volunteer is an album by punk band Sham 69, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music).
  9. Volunteer is a Soviet electropunk band composed of Martin Andrevian and Krzysztof Shadenkin. Formed in Odessa, Ukraine in 1972 with original vocalist Genaddi Romanov, they outraged the communist world when they performed a cacophonous Industrial music rendition of The Red Flag. ...
  10. In gardening and botanical terminology, a volunteer is a plant that grows on its own, rather than being deliberately planted by a human farmer or gardener. Volunteers often grow from seeds that float in on the wind, are dropped by birds, or are inadvertently mixed into compost before it is used.
  11. Volunteer, often abbreviated Vol., is a term used by a number of Irish republican paramilitary organisations to describe their members. Among these have been the various forms of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). ...
  12. "Volunteer" was the victorious American defender of the seventh America's Cup race in 1887 against Scottish challenger "Thistle".
  13. One who enters into, or offers for, any service of his/her own free will, especially when done without pay; One who enters into military service voluntarily, but who, when in service, is subject to discipline and regulations like other soldiers; -- opposed to conscript; specifically, a ...
  14. (Volunteering) Employees of a company that take part in community activity that is facilited or encouraged by their employer, e.g. fundraising events or supporting a local charity.
  15. (Volunteering) Offering your services free of charge, typically to a not-for-profit organization. Some college graduates volunteer right after college before starting their careers, which job-seekers considering a career change can use volnteering work as a great tool to gain experience in a new ...
  16. (Volunteering) The willingness of private individuals to serve voluntarily a great variety of programmes and causes, both in fundraising appeals and other capacities.
  17. (Volunteering) helping out a cause you love without actually calling it your job.
  18. (Volunteering) is any unremunerated work performed by students, faculty, or other members of the University that contributes to the quality of life in the community. ...
  19. (Volunteers) whether pursuing serious, casual, or project-based leisure, offer uncoerced help, either formally or informally, with no or, at most, token pay, for the benefit of both other people (beyond the volunteer's family) and the volunteer. ...
  20. (Volunteers) the many special people who make a difference in the lives of residents. These are compassionate people who donate their time by voluntarily sharing their friendship and talents to residents and associates alike. ...
  21. (VOLUNTEERS) Want to get involved more?
  22. (Volunteers) 797^7 (and 2,988 special constables)^6
  23. (Volunteers) An individual or group who work on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.
  24. (Volunteers) Many of the "staff" you see at a temple--even "full-timers"--are in fact unpaid volunteers.  For this they are worthy of our respect.  This also means, however, than you cannot expect service, or even the answers to your questions, to always rise to "professional" standards.
  25. (Volunteers) Plants that grow from self-sown seeds.