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Absolutely necessary or important; essential,
  1. Absolutely necessary or important; essential
    • - secrecy is of vital importance
    • - it is vital that the system is regularly maintained
  2. Indispensable to the continuance of life
    • - the vital organs
  3. Full of energy; lively
    • - a beautiful, vital girl
  4. Fatal
    • - the wound is vital
  1. The body's important internal organs, esp. the gut or the genitalia

  1. critical: urgently needed; absolutely necessary; "a critical element of the plan"; "critical medical supplies"; "vital for a healthy society"; "of vital interest"
  2. performing an essential function in the living body; "vital organs"; "blood and other vital fluids"; "the loss of vital heat in shock"; "a vital spot"; "life-giving love and praise"
  3. full of life: full of spirit; "a dynamic full of life woman"; "a vital and charismatic leader"; "this whole lively world"
  4. manifesting or characteristic of life; "a vital, living organism"; "vital signs"
  5. (vitally) to a vital degree; "this is vitally important"
  6. (vitalness) indispensability: the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without
  7. VITAL is a suite of digital asset management products by VTLS based on the open source Fedora architecture.
  8. Vital is Van der Graaf Generator's first live album. Except for one-off reunions, it marked the end of Van der Graaf Generator as a band until their 2005 reunion.
  9. Vital is a Japanese film made in 2004. It was directed by Shinya Tsukamoto and stars Tadanobu Asano as Hiroshi Takagi, a man whose girlfriend dies and who loses his memory in a car accident.
  10. Integral psychology, in the adaptation of Sri Aurobindo's spiritual teachings, refers to an understanding of the various planes and parts of being, which is essential to the practice of integral yoga.
  11. Vitals is a 2002 science fiction/techno-thriller novel written by Greg Bear, and nominated for a John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2002.
  12. Relating to, or characteristic of life; Necessary to the continuation of life; being the seat of life; being that on which life depends; Invigorating or life-giving; Necessary to continued existence; Relating to the recording of life events; Important
  13. (vitals) organs necessary for human life, such as the heart, brain, and lungs, etc.
  14. (Vitals) Short for vital signs. Measurements are pulse (heart) rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate.
  15. (Vitals) A combined reading of a patient's blood pressure, pulse, and other life signs. It indicates whether or not the patient is still alive. In this game, it is displayed as a number ranging from 0 to 99.
  16. (VITALS) Family, Ethnicity, Education...etc.
  17. (Vitals) vital organs in an animal's body where a hunter can assure a quick and clean kill if properly hit.
  18. Necessary to maintain life. Breathing is a vital function.
  19. The processing network used by US Bank to process Indiana University’s payment card transactions.
  20. Second realm beneath Mrutyulok, where demons reside. Sixth realm from the bottom in the 14-realm system of a brahmãnd.
  21. the life-nature made up of desires, sensations, feelings, passions, energies of action, will of desire, reactions of the desire-soul of man and of all that play of possessive and other related instincts, anger, greed, lust, etc., that belong to this field of nature. ...
  22. Virtual Interactive Teaching at Liverpool. VITAL is a virtual learning environment which some professors use to communicate with students.
  23. (in  Ḥayyim ben Joseph Vital (Jewish Kabbalist))
  24. statistics from N.B. newspapers (Johnson), 10, no.786; 14, nos.410, 443; 32, no.926.
  25. refers to the condition of the pulp/nerve of a tooth. A vital pulp has functional blood vessels and nerve sensation. A non-vital one does not.