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valleys, plural;
  1. A low area of land between hills or mountains, typically with a river or stream flowing through it

  2. An internal angle formed by the intersecting planes of a roof, or by the slope of a roof and a wall

  1. a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river
  2. In geology, a valley or dale is a depression with predominant extent in one direction. A very deep river valley may be called a canyon or gorge.
  3. Valley-Dynamo, Inc. (officially Valley-Dynamo Limited Partnership or VDLP for short) is a gaming and sporting goods manufacturing company. ...
  4. Letters Burning is a North Hollywood, CA based pop rock band.
  5. The Valley is the 5th studio album by South African recording artist Ashton Nyte. The album was first released in 2009 to South Africa, with a US release in June 2010. ...
  6. The Valley, who formed in early 2005, were a Sydney quintet. The Valley became signed to Crusade Records in late 2005 and released "A Small Misunderstanding Leads To Disaster" in February 2006, and their follow up EP, "Burning At The Mistake" released in late 2006.
  7. The Valley is an amateur film made by then fifteen-year-old Peter Jackson in 1976 with his friends. It was strongly influenced by the films of Ray Harryhausen. It was filmed silent on a Super 8 camera and was shown on children's television show Spot On.
  8. An elongated depression between hills or mountains, often with a river flowing through it; The area which drains into a river; Any structure resembling one, e.g., the meeting point of two pitched roofs; The internal angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes
  9. (Valleying) Term used when a coaster fails to complete its circuit, and gets stuck part-way around.
  10. (Valleys) Area where two adjoining sloped roof planes intersect on a roof creating a “V” shaped depression.
  11. (valleys) V shaped grooves formed by erosion
  12. An internal angle in a roof. Metalwork often is used in a valley to prevent leaks.
  13. To find yourself walking through green and pleasant valleys, foretells great improvements in business, and lovers will be happy and congenial. If the valley is barren, the reverse is predicted. If marshy, illness or vexations may follow.
  14. The inward angle formed by two intersecting, sloping roof planes. Since it naturally becomes a water channel, additional attention to waterproofing it is desirable.
  15. The depression at the meeting point of two roof slopes.
  16. The "V" shaped area of a roof where two sloping roofs meet. Water drains off the roof at the valleys.
  17. The parent root of this word is gey ^[Str:1341], a word meaning "pride" in the sense of lifting oneself up to a high position. The word gai is a valley, a place surrounded by "high" walls. While a valley can be a place of beauty, it can also be a place of darkness and defenselessness.
  18. When at full-draw, the area between a compound's wall and the point where the let-off ceases to exist.
  19. An inside intersection created at the joint of two roof planes.
  20. The inward angle of two sloping roof sections. Framing consists of a doubled valley rafter in the middle that extends from a top plate corner to a second ridge board, with angled jack rafters for support.
  21. The internal angle formed where adjacent pitched roofs meet. Traditionally zinc or lead sheeting was used on site to create a water channel downwards, nowadays preshaped valley channels are available.
  22. The less-than 180-degree angle where two sloping roof sections come together.
  23. linear depression in the Earth's surface that generally slopes from one end to the other (barranca, canyon, chasm, cove, draw, glen, gorge, gulch, gulf, hollow, ravine).
  24. a county in Nebraska which has lent its name to a Plains Woodland pottery style and the complex and phase (originally focus) with which it is associated. Valley vessels are characteristically conoidal with vertical or oblique cord roughened exteriors and straight rims. ...
  25. an elongated region or strip of land that is lower than surrounding areas; most often made by the erosive action of a river or glacier