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(of premises) Having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty,
  1. (of premises) Having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty

  2. (of a position or office) Not filled
    • - the president resigned and the post was left vacant
  3. (of a person or their expression) Having or showing no intelligence or interest
    • - a vacant stare

  1. void of thought or knowledge; "a vacant mind"
  2. without an occupant or incumbent; "the throne is never vacant"
  3. (vacantly) in a vacant manner; "she was staring vacantly into the room"
  4. (vacancy) being unoccupied
  5. (vacancy) void: an empty area or space; "the huge desert voids"; "the emptiness of outer space"; "without their support he'll be ruling in a vacuum"
  6. Occupancy in building construction and building codes is the use or intended use of a building or part thereof for the shelter or support of persons, animals or property. A closely-related meaning is the number of units in such a building that are rented or leased, or otherwise in-use. ...
  7. (Vacancy (chemistry)) In crystallography, a vacancy is a type of point defect in a crystal. P. Ehrhart, Properties and interactions of atomic defects in metals and alloys, volume 25 of Landolt-Börnstein, New Series III, chapter 2, page 88, Springer, Berlin, 1991, Crystals inherently possess ...
  8. (Vacancy (economics)) A job is a regular thing performed to create a value in society (and personality of individual) for meeting the needs of that individual. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. ...
  9. (Vacancy (EP)) Vacancy is an EP by Joseph Arthur released on May 11, 1999. Released by the independent label Undercover out of Portland, Oregon, Vacancy is a hand packaged, limited edition that was assembled one at a time by two people at Undercover. ...
  10. (Vacancy (film)) Vacancy is a 2007 American horror/thriller film, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. It was distributed by Screen Gems and was released on April 20, 2007. Production was scheduled to commence in August 2006 with Nimród Antal signing on to direct it.
  11. Not occupied; empty; Showing no intelligence or interest
  12. (vacancy) An unoccupied position or job; An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc; Empty space; Lack of intelligence or understanding; A defect in a crystal caused by the absence of an atom in a lattice
  13. (VACANCY) unoccupied units as a percentage of the total number.
  14. (Vacancy) a budgeted position in which no employee is currently appointed.
  15. (Vacancy) A type of structural imperfection in which an individual atom site is temporarily unoccupied.
  16. (Vacancy) The absence of people and personal property from a building, not expected to return. Property coverage is often restricted when there are long periods of vacancy, especially for the Perils of Vandalism and Glass Breakage.
  17. (Vacancy) A position to be filled
  18. (VACANCY) A rental property or any unit thereof that is unlet.
  19. (VACANCY) As used by The Danter Company, a vacancy is a multifamily unit available for immediate occupancy. Manager's units and model units are not counted as vacant units, nor are units that are unrentable due to excessive damage or renovation. ...
  20. (Vacancy) 1) A unit that is left unoccupied and is not producing income is a vacancy. A unit that is vacated and re-rented in the same month is not considered a vacancy, it is considered a turnover or turn.
  21. (Vacancy) A "dummy" score used when a team does not have the same number on the team roster as do other teams. The vacancy score is set by the league and carries a handicap the same as if some bowler was carrying that average.
  22. (Vacancy) A place which is empty (vacant). The term is generally used to describe a property available for rent.
  23. (Vacancy) A position opening that exists when a new position is created or when an existing position opens up due to the termination (dismissal, resignation, promotion, etc.) of an employee. ...
  24. (Vacancy) A site on a lattice on which there is no atom present. [D89]
  25. (Vacancy) A space in a Solitaire layout.