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uplifted, past participle; uplifts, 3rd person singular present; uplifting, present participle; uplifted, past tense;
  1. Lift (something) up; raise
    • - her uplifted face
  2. (of an island, mountain, etc.) Be created by an upward movement of the earth's surface

  3. Elevate or stimulate (someone) morally or spiritually
    • - an uplifting tune

  1. the rise of something; "the uplifting of the clouds revealed the blue of a summer sky"
  2. (uplift) elate: fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits"
  3. (uplift) upheaval: (geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building)
  4. (uplift) a brassiere that lifts and supports the breasts
  5. (uplift) lift up from the earth, as by geologic forces; "the earth's movement uplifted this part of town"
  6. (uplift) lift up or elevate
  7. (Uplift (geology)) Tectonic uplift is a geological process most often caused by plate tectonics which increases elevation. The opposite of uplift is subsidence, which results in a decrease in elevation. Uplift may be orogenic or isostatic.
  8. Uplifter is the ninth studio album by American rock band 311, released on June 2, 2009 by Volcano Records. It is the band's first album in nearly four years, the longest gap between albums in 311's career. ...
  9. Which heightens the mood
  10. (uplift) The act or result of being uplifted; A tectonic upheaval, especially one that takes place in the process of mountain building; A brassiere that raises the breasts; To raise something or someone to a higher physical, social, moral, intellectual, spiritual or emotional level; this ...
  11. (upliftment) Lifting up; elevation or promotion
  12. (Uplift) Wind load on a building, which causes a load in the upward direction.
  13. (Uplift) Wind, increased in speed, moving over a structure causing negative wind pressure (suction) to be placed inside an enclosed structure, creating uplift forces (upward pull) capable of blowing off the roof. ...
  14. (Uplift) The action of wind over the roof of a building will cause areas of suction that create uplift forces on the roof assembly.
  15. (Uplift [tectonic]) A structurally high area in the crust, produced by positive movements that raise or upthrust the rocks, as in a dome or arch.
  16. (Uplift) The upward pressure in the pores of material (interstitial pressure) or on the base of a structure.
  17. (UPLIFT) A redundant term to describe a structurally high portion of the crust.
  18. (UPLIFT) A force that raises a sequence of rock, often due to stress or buoyancy.
  19. (Uplift) A broad and gentle epeirogenic increase in the elevation of a region without a eustatic change of sea level.
  20. (Uplift) An incentive applied in many taxation regimes, whereby the government/regulatory authority allows the oil company to charge additional depreciation against its profits, above the actual investment made.
  21. (Uplift) British term now adopted in the US; a charge to adjust for differences between forecasted an actual demand and to cover costs for additional ancillary services needed to cope with that difference. ...
  22. (Uplift) The additional expense from operating more expensive generating units to meet local demand; also called congestion costs
  23. (Uplift) a process of mountain building in which collisions of the tectonic plates result in a displacement of the compressed land upwards
  24. (uplift) (meteorology) The rising of warm, less dense air in the atmospheredue to surface heating. Compare subsidence. [2]
  25. (uplift) Payments to resources operated out of merit. See Net Commitment-Period Compensation.