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unstablest, superlative; unstabler, comparative;
  1. Prone to change, fail, or give way; not stable
    • - the unstable cliff tops
    • - an unstable government
  2. Prone to psychiatric problems or sudden changes of mood
    • - he was mentally unstable

  1. lacking stability or fixity or firmness; "unstable political conditions"; "the tower proved to be unstable in the high wind"; "an unstable world economy"
  2. highly or violently reactive; "sensitive and highly unstable compounds"
  3. precarious: affording no ease or reassurance; "a precarious truce"
  4. mentally ill: suffering from severe mental illness; "of unsound mind"
  5. disposed to psychological variability; "his rather unstable religious convictions"
  6. fluid: subject to change; variable; "a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty"; "everything was unstable following the coup"
  7. Instability in systems is generally characterized by some of the outputs or internal states growing without bounds. Not all systems that are not stable are unstable; systems can also be marginally stable or exhibit limit cycle behavior.
  8. Unstable is Adema's second album, released on August 12, 2003. It has sold about 400,000 copies worldwide. Its radio single was the self-titled song "Unstable", which also had a music video, but it didn't get very much radio play. ...
  9. In the Debian jargon, unstable is the development distribution of Debian. It is codenamed sid (after the boy next door who broke toys in Toy Story). ...
  10. "Unstable" is the first single released from the Adema album, Unstable.
  11. having a strong tendency to change; fluctuating; not constant; fickle; unpredictable; Readily decompasable; Radioactive, especially with a short half-life
  12. Under the U.S. OSHA HAZCOM standard, a chemical is identified as unstable (reactive) if in the pure state, or as produced or transported, it will vigorously polymerize, decompose, condense, or will become self-reactive under conditions of shock, pressure or temperature.
  13. when a chemical is unstable it means that the chemical can change into other chemicals easily, or react with other substances. Ozone is unstable and it can react with our lungs to damage the tissues. (Back to Hot Summer Days)
  14. Not stable, by either of its definitions. Unstable equilibrium arises when there are multiple equilibria, as in the case of inelastic offer curves that intersect three times instead of once. The middle equilibrium is unstable.
  15. Having a basin of attraction that is 0 in size; being such that the slightest perturbation will forever change the state of a system. A pencil balanced on its point is unstable.
  16. A hazardous or dangerous gravestone, monument, or structure. May be in danger of toppling or falling apart.
  17. very difficult to control at low speed, poor edge hold and ski to snow contact.
  18. The unstable distribution is where you can find the latest packages introduced into the Debian system.
  19. The situation when the environmental lapse rate is larger than the dry adiabatic lapse rate. Practically this means that any vertical motion is enhanced and accelerated due to density differences. See Lecture 18, slide 10.
  20. Condition poor, posing significant risk to health.
  21. This is used as the "UI" releases. This means that while the UI is functional, it does not create a menu.
  22. permanently aliased sid, repository contains packages currently under development; it is updated continually. ...
  23. Tending toward decomposition or other unwanted chemical change during normal handling or storage.