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Of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases,
  1. Of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases
    • - universal adult suffrage
    • - the incidents caused universal concern
  2. Denoting a proposition in which something is asserted of all of a class

  3. Denoting or relating to a grammatical rule, set of rules, or other linguistic feature that is found in all languages

  4. (of a tool or machine) Adjustable to or appropriate for all requirements; not restricted to a single purpose or position

  1. A person or thing having universal effect, currency, or application, in particular

  2. A universal proposition

  3. A term or concept of general application

  4. A nature or essence signified by a general term

  5. A universal grammatical rule or linguistic feature

  1. (linguistics) a grammatical rule (or other linguistic feature) that is found in all languages
  2. cosmopolitan: of worldwide scope or applicability; "an issue of cosmopolitan import"; "the shrewdest political and ecumenical comment of our time"- Christopher Morley; "universal experience"
  3. (logic) a proposition that asserts something of all members of a class
  4. applicable to or common to all members of a group or set; "the play opened to universal acclaim"; "rap enjoys universal appeal among teenage boys"
  5. adapted to various purposes, sizes, forms, operations; "universal wrench", "universal chuck"; "universal screwdriver"
  6. a behavioral convention or pattern characteristic of all members of a particular culture or of all human beings; "some form of religion seems to be a human universal"
  7. Universal was an Australian based boy band, from the 1990s. They released three singles on London Records, with "Rock Me Good" and "Make It With You" both entering the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart. When the third single failed to make in impact, the band dissolved. ...
  8. Universal is the eighth full-length album by the Norwegian metal band Borknagar. It marks the return of bassist Tyr and guitarist Jens Ryland. The band's former vocalist ICS Vortex performed vocals on the track My Domain. ...
  9. Universal is an Esperantido, a constructed language based on Esperanto. Grammatically, it is one of the more interesting: It has inclusive and exclusive pronouns, uses partial reduplication for the plural (tablo "table", tatablo "tables"), and inversion for antonyms (mega "big", gema "little"; ...
  10. In various branches of mathematics, a useful construction is often viewed as the “most efficient solution” to a certain problem. The definition of a universal property uses the language of category theory to make this notion precise and to study it abstractly.
  11. In metaphysics, a universal is what particular things have in common, namely characteristics or qualities. In other words, universals are repeatable or recurrent entities that can be instantiated or exemplified by many particular things. ...
  12. Universal is the tenth album by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, released in 1996.
  13. A characteristic or property that particular things have in common; Of or pertaining to the universe; Common to all members of a group or class; Common to all society; world-wide; Cosmic; unlimited; vast; infinite; Useful for many purposes, e.g., universal wrench
  14. (Universality) a feature of ideas marketing that distinguishes it from other forms of marketing; universality means that ideas can be made (and, therefore, marketed) by anyone.
  15. (universality) Referring to the genetic code, the codons have the same meaning, with minor exceptions, in virtually all species.
  16. (Universality) Means that a story is broad enough to be applied to most people at any time or place.  Stories having universality reveal human nature or common truths of experience.  Universality is also taken by some critics to be a criterion for measuring the worth or success of a story.
  17. (UNIVERSALITY) A philosophy concerning the provision of the benefits of the welfare state which declares that all citizens have access regardless of their need. For example, all citizens receive the same access to health care in Canada, regardless of their income. ...
  18. (UNIVERSALITY) The ability of a work of literature to apply to all times and places.
  19. (UNIVERSALITY) The feeling of being isolated, unique, and separate from others, often experienced by therapy group members.
  20. (Universality) A criterion of adequacy for a theory of grammar, requiring that the theory be applicable to all natural languages. See §1.3.
  21. (Universality) Access for all users in all circumstances
  22. (Universality) Human Rights are said to be universal, meaning that they are the rights of every human being, of all peoples, everywhere. They are our common heritage. Each culture contributes its riches not to promote relativism but to foster a deeper understanding of humanity.
  23. (Universality) Refers to a common misconception that signers of any one signed language can communicate with signers of any other signed language around the world. For example, even British Sign Language and American Sign Language are not mutually intelligible. ...
  24. (Universality) The phenomenon whereby many microscopically quite different physical systems exhibit critical point behavior in with quantitatively identical features such as critical indices. [D89]
  25. (Universality) describes how commonly a biometric trait occurs in each individual.