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Not tied or fastened,
  1. Not tied or fastened
    • - the top few buttons of his shirt were undone
  2. Not done or finished
    • - he had left his homework undone
  3. (of a person) Ruined by a disastrous or devastating setback or reverse
    • - I am undone!

  1. not done; "the work could be done or undone and nobody cared"
  2. done for(p): doomed to extinction
  3. not fastened or tied or secured; "her blouse had come undone at the neck"; "his shoelaces were undone"
  4. unstuck: thrown into a state of disorganization or incoherence; "price programs became unstuck because little grain was available"
  5. (undo) cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect; "I wish I could undo my actions"
  6. (undo) unmake: deprive of certain characteristics
  7. ...undone was released in 1985 in the UK and the U.S. on A&M Records. It was The Lucy Show's debut album. The band's sound at that time was brooding and melancholic, heavily influenced by -- and favorably compared to -- The Cure, Comsat Angels, and Joy Division. ...
  8. Undone is the third major label studio album from Contemporary Christian band MercyMe. The album features the hit radio singles "Here With Me" and "Homesick". Undone peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and at number 12 on the Billboard 200. ...
  9. Undone is a novel by bestselling author Karin Slaughter which combines characters from her Will Trent series and her Grant County series. It is her 9th full-length novel. ...
  10. Lost Dogs is a two-disc compilation album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam, released on November 11, 2003 through Epic Records. The album has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States.
  11. Undone is a radio comedy broadcast by the BBC on the digital channel BBC 7, written by and starring Ben Moor. It uses a sci-fi theme of parallel universes to poke fun at life and especially the media business in London. ...
  12. "Undone" is New Zealand band Stellar*'s fifth single, and their fourth single from their debut album Mix. The single comes with an encoded CD extra of the Violent single's music video. It reached number thirteen on the RIANZ chart.
  13. (undoneness) The quality of being undone
  14. (undo) To reverse the effects of an action. ^syn; To unfasten. ^ant.^ syn
  15. An Undo button and capability were first provided in PE 2.7 Alpha, released in January, 2005. Pressing the Undo button plays back the command script automatically recorded by the PE Recorder, less the last action. ...
  16. (undo) A feature that allows you to cancel the last change made.
  17. (undo) A feature in most programs that lets you reverse one or more actions. For example, if you delete a paragraph by mistake, you can choose the Undo command to get it back.
  18. (Undo) Command cancels your last one or more operations.
  19. (Undo (CTRL+Z)) Undoes the last action you made to your campaign.
  20. (Undo) A facility which undoes the last or previous actions by the user.
  21. (Undo) Feature that enables you to revert from the current spreadsheet with 47 error values to where you were before you made your mistake when you only had 13 errors.
  22. (Undo) Go to the Fingerprint icon at the bottom of the Toolbar, click on "Change/view key assignments". Scroll down the list of operations and find "Undo". Double click on it and assign a keyboard shortcut to it (e.g. Control + u).
  23. (Undo) Needed if you do something wrong or want to clear something up you just did; default key is "Z"
  24. (Undo) Select the circular arrow pointing to the left to undo the previous action.
  25. (Undo) The operation of undoing the single most recent edit. For example: after an edit takes place, the system banner appears stating that 1 or more entities were just edited. If the undo action is avaible, the undo link appears in the system banner. ...