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undertaking, present participle; undertook, past tense; undertaken, past participle; undertakes, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on
    • - a firm of builders undertook the construction work
  2. Promise to do a particular thing
    • - the firm undertook to keep price increases to a minimum
  3. Guarantee or affirm something; give as a formal pledge
    • - a truck driver implicitly undertakes that he is reasonably skilled as a driver

  1. (undertake) enter upon an activity or enterprise
  2. (undertake) accept as a challenge; "I'll tackle this difficult task"
  3. (undertake) promise to do or accomplish; "guarantee to free the prisoners"
  4. (undertake) contract: enter into a contractual arrangement
  5. (undertaking) any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
  6. (undertaking) the trade of a funeral director
  7. (Undertaking (driving)) Undertaking or overtaking on the inside refers to the practice of overtaking a slower vehicle on a road using the lane that is kerb side of the vehicle being passed; that is to say, a lane to the left of the vehicle in countries where driving is on the left, or a lane to ...
  8. (undertake) To take upon oneself; to start, to embark on (a specific task etc.); To commit oneself (to an obligation, activity etc.); to overtake on the wrong side; To pledge; to assert, assure; to dare say; To take by trickery; to trap, to seize upon
  9. (undertook) Simple past of undertake
  10. (Undertake) To assume an obligation.
  11. (undertake) (v) başlarģa, qolģa alırģa
  12. (undertake) v. (fml )  (start to) make oneself responsible for (sth)
  13. (Undertaking) This is a promise by a Lawyer to ensure that certain conditions (usually of the lender) are met (usually after closing, due to time constraints). ...
  14. (UNDERTAKING) A promise, reduced to writing, which is legally enforceable.
  15. (undertaking) deposit of a sum of money or filing of a bond in court
  16. (undertaking) A promise given during a legal proceeding by a party or his or her attorney, usually as a condition of getting some concession from the court or the other party.
  17. (Undertaking) a binding promise to the court to do, or not to do, a particular thing; breach of an undertaking is the same as breach of an order, and can be punished by the court in the same way
  18. (UNDERTAKING) A legal promise to complete a task.
  19. (Undertaking) A Canadian sponsor must sign an undertaking. The undertaking is a promise to provide financial support for your partner's basic requirements and those of their dependent children. Basic requirements include food, clothing, shelter and other everyday needs. ...
  20. (Undertaking) A directive by the court requiring the respondent to either post a surety or deposit cash with the court or the Support Collection Unit to insure compliance with a court order of support.
  21. (Undertaking) A promise or assurance that a person will do what is asked of them.
  22. (Undertaking) A term used to describe any other type of entity in which a company may have a controlling interest or if it has more than 50% of the voting rights.
  23. (Undertaking) A written promise offered as security for the performance of a particular act required in a legal action.
  24. (Undertaking) A written promise to deliver a security within the time specified. An undertaking is usually synonymous with the actual delivery of the security.
  25. (Undertaking) An enterprise, activity, project, structure, work or proposal and may include, in the opinion of the Minister, a policy, plan or program that has an adverse effect or an environmental effect and may include, in the opinion of the Minister, a modification, extension, abandonment, ...