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Noun (plural)
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underpants, plural;
  1. An undergarment covering the lower part of the torso and having two holes for the legs

  1. an undergarment that covers the body from the waist no further than to the thighs; usually worn next to the skin
  2. Underpants are a man's undergarment covering the genital area and the buttocks.
  3. The Underpants is the most recent adaptation of the 1910 German farce Die Hose by playwright Carl Sternheim. The adaptation was written by Steve Martin. It was produced at New York City's Off-Broadway theater Classic Stage Company from April 4, 2002 through April 28, 2002. ...
  4. underwear, clothing covering the lower genitalia
  5. (noun) (U.S.) a type of soft shorts, usually fitting snugly around the buttocks and the crotch, designed to keep outer garments from being stained by sweat, urine, feces, menstrual blood, and other genital discharges. Pants in the United Kingdom.
  6. A pair of Homer's was once found in the fridge!
  7. A man’s undergarment that covers the bottom half of the torso. Can be made of knitted or woven fabric. Worn with some form of undershirt (A-shirt, T-shirt and so on).
  8. calçotets Anorak: anorac