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Not keeping or showing an even balance; not evenly distributed,
  1. Not keeping or showing an even balance; not evenly distributed

  2. (of a person) Emotionally or mentally disturbed

  3. (of an account) Not giving accurate, fair, or equal coverage to all aspects; partial
    • - this may give an unbalanced impression of the competition

  1. being or thrown out of equilibrium
  2. brainsick: affected with madness or insanity; "a man who had gone mad"
  3. debits and credits are not equal
  4. not balanced, without equilibrium; dizzy; irrational or mentally deranged; not adjusted such that debit and credit correspond; of an expression having different numbers of left and right parentheses; an offensive line with more players on one side of the center than on the other
  5. (unbalancedness) The state or quality of being unbalanced
  6. Unharmonious-wine in which one or more of the basic elements is weak or overbearing. See also Balance.
  7. In experimental design, refers to an experiment or set of data in which all treatments or treatment combinations are not equally represented. The most common cause of unbalanced experiments is unequal mortality among entries in a test. (See randomized-block design and replication. ...
  8. A method of interconnecting recorders, amplifiers and other electronic gear using two-conductor cable.
  9. oils with overwhelming flavors of bitterness and pungency
  10. A transmission circuit with an impedance to ground. See Differential Input. This is also referred to as a single-ended transmission line. Most analog signals over 100MHz are single ended. The compliment to this type of transmission line is differential.
  11. This refers to a way of connecting audio signals using wires carring a single core and screen.
  12. An unbalanced signal has a ground signal which is the common for all other signals and the actual signal voltage is measured in reference to this ground signal. ...
  13. A signal carried between the ground and a single conductor (single-ended).  Also describes a neurotic audiophile.
  14. Wiring scheme in which one of the two necessary conductors further serves as the insulation for the cable.
  15. A form of cable and electrical circuit in which only one half of the positive/negative signal is referred to a zero reference earth.
  16. A method of audio connection which uses a single signal wire and the cable screen as the signal return.This method does not provide the same degree of noise immunity as a BALANCED connection.
  17. Component parts on palate ill matched: over-tannic. over-acid, lacking fruit.
  18. an audio circuit whose two conductors are unequal at ground, usually because one conductor operates as ground. An unbalanced audio circuit is more susceptible to noise problems than balanced circuits. Noise can be combated by keeping lines as short as possible
  19. Tooling which does not evenly distribute the tonnage front to back and thus creates a thrust force on the punch holder.  Often seen in 30°-60° type tooling.
  20. A circuit that carries information by means of one signal on a single conductor. Unbalanced cable usually consists of a single conductor and a shield as in instrument cables, coaxial cable, patch cords, and high impedance mic cable.
  21. Unequal orientation in the LD and TD.
  22. Refers to a signal-carrying circuit with one electrical conductor and an overall metallic shield. Also referred to as an unbalanced line.
  23. Any hand that is not balanced, but particularly hands with relatively extreme distribution.