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(of two or more people) Fully in agreement,
  1. (of two or more people) Fully in agreement
    • - the doctors were unanimous in their diagnoses
  2. (of an opinion, decision, or vote) Held or carried by everyone involved

  1. consentaneous: in complete agreement; "a unanimous decision"
  2. solid: acting together as a single undiversified whole; "a solid voting bloc"
  3. (unanimously) of one mind; without dissent; "the Senate unanimously approved the bill"; "we voted unanimously"
  4. (unanimity) everyone being of one mind
  5. Unan1mous is an American reality television program that premiered on the Fox Network on March 22, 2006 and ran for one season. The host of the series was J. D. Roth.
  6. Unanimous was a UK-based game show broadcast on Channel 4 from 27 October 2006 to 15 December 2006. It was based on an American game show titled Unan1mous.
  7. Unanimity is complete agreement by all people in a given situation. When unanimous, everybody is of same mind and acting together as one. Many groups consider unanimous decisions a sign of agreement, solidarity, and unity. ...
  8. (unanimity) The condition of complete agreement by all parties, the state of being unanimous
  9. (Unanimity) the need for all member states to agree on a proposal before it can be adopted as legislation.
  10. (Unanimity) a form of voting in the Council. A proposal requiring unanimity must have no member state voting against (abstentions do not prevent the adoption of acts requiring unanimity).
  11. (Unanimity) where everyone agrees.
  12. (unanimity) If a candidate is the first choice of all voters, then that candidate is the winner. [MS 2004], [DJL 2001]
  13. (unanimity) bir aqıllılıq, bir niеtlilik
  14. Unanimity is the form of decision-making used by the Council of Ministers on sensitive issues such as tax or social security.
  15. A decision where all members of the Jury agree that the accused is guilty or not guilty of an offence.
  16. When all jurors agree on the verdict.