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umbrellas, plural;
  1. A device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain or sometimes sun

  2. A protecting force or influence
    • - the American nuclear umbrella over the west
  3. A screen of fighter aircraft or antiaircraft artillery

  4. A thing that includes or contains many different elements or parts
    • - an umbrella organization
  5. The gelatinous disk of a jellyfish, which it contracts and expands to move through the water

  1. a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy
  2. covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups; "an umbrella organization"; "umbrella insurance coverage"
  3. a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets; "an air umbrella over England"
  4. having the function of uniting a group of similar things; "the Democratic Party is an umbrella for many liberal groups"; "under the umbrella of capitalism"
  5. An umbrella or parasol (also called a brolly, rainshade, sunshade, gamp or bumbershoot) is a canopy designed to protect against rain or sunlight. The term parasol usually refers to an item designed to protect from the sun; umbrella refers to a device more suited to protect from rain. ...
  6. Umbrella is the second album from The Innocence Mission and continues the melodic pop sound from their previous album. The album was recorded in two months in several studios in Los Angeles, California and Kingston and New York City, New York; among them The Kiva, Dreamland Recording and Masterdisc.
  7. Umbrella is a Chinese documentary film directed by Du Haibin and released in 2007. The film documents the experiences of modern rural China, particularly five social groups: students, soldiers, tradespeople, and peasants. ...
  8. Umbrella is the debut album by Japanese R&B singer Shota Shimizu, released on November 26, 2008 in Japan. The album ranked at #2 and sold 56,442 units in its first week. After 8 weeks, it sold 115,863 copies.
  9. "Umbrella" is a song by Barbadian R&B singer Rihanna, featuring a rap verse by rapper Jay-Z. The song was written by The-Dream, Christopher Stewart, Kuk Harrell and Jay-Z, and was produced by Stewart. It was released as the lead single for Rihanna's third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad. ...
  10. (Umbrellas (cd)) Umbrellas is the self titled debut album from the indie rock band Umbrellas released on April 19, 2005 on The Militia Group records.
  11. Cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun; Generally, anything that provides protection; Something that covers a wide range of concepts, purposes, groups and etc; The main body of a jellyfish, excluding the tentacles
  12. (UMBRELLAS) Refers to the score of 77
  13. To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you. To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealed to for aid by charity. To borrow one, you will have a misunderstanding, perhaps, with a warm friend. ...
  14. A broad liability coverage form that provides another layer of liability coverage over all covered personal lines exposures, (i.e., the auto policy, the homeowner liability coverage, the boatowners policy, etc.). ...
  15. Lighting accessory available in various sizes, usually made of textured gold or silver fabric. Facilitates soft, shadowless illumination by reflecting light onto a scene.
  16. Umbrellas are thematic networks within the EUREKA framework which focus on a specific technology area or business sector. The main goal of an umbrella is to facilitate the generation of EUREKA projects in its own target area.
  17. In the carillon action, a means of preventing water from seeping from the belfry onto the clavier below through the opening where the wire leads of the action descend to the keyboard. ...
  18. A policy designed to provide protection against catastrophic losses. It generally is written in addition to various primary liability policies, such as the business auto policy, commercial general liability policy, watercraft and aircraft liability policies, and employers’ liability coverage. ...
  19. overhead protection provided by Combat Air Patrol (CAP) flying high-cover (HIGH 'n' DRY) "on station" in an oval RACETRACK or circular ORBIT pattern in case of action. Also, an aerial platform surveilling and supporting ground forces below station; see CROW'S NEST, ABNCP, C&C, AWACS, VATLS.
  20. Maybe you would call this a parasol instead, but since there are no "U" entries, I've put it here. :) Chibi-usa spins her umbrella in order to hypnotize people into believing what she wants. Black Lady in the anime uses an umbrella too. Also, ChibiChibi floats down from the sky using an umbrella.
  21. The Wii Remote is held by the dominant hand vertically, thumb resting on the
  22. The umbrella is a formation on the power play in which the defense and one wing stay close to the blue line and pass the puck among themselves until another attacker is open by the goal.
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  24. An umbrella made from reflective fabric used for bounce lighting. Some translucent umbrellas with removable black covers are able to pass light through and diffuse it.
  25. A lighting accessory consisting of reflective fabric stretched over a metal frame. Used to reflect soft, even light onto a subject.