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twists, 3rd person singular present; twisting, present participle; twisted, past tense; twisted, past participle;
  1. Form into a bent, curling, or distorted shape
    • - a strip of metal is twisted to form a hollow tube
    • - her pretty features twisted into a fearsome expression
  2. Form (something) into a particular shape by taking hold of one or both ends and turning them
    • - she twisted her handkerchief into a knot
  3. Turn or bend into a specified position or in a specified direction
    • - he grabbed the man and twisted his arm behind his back
  4. Remove something by pulling and rotating it
    • - beets can be stored once the leaves have been twisted off
  5. Move one's body so that the shoulders and hips are facing in different directions
    • - she twisted in her seat to look at the buildings
  6. Move in a wriggling or writhing fashion
    • - he twisted himself free
  7. Injure (a joint) by wrenching it
    • - he twisted his ankle trying to avoid his opponent's lunge
  8. Distort or misrepresent the meaning of (words)
    • - he twisted my words to make it seem that I'd claimed she was a drug addict
  9. Cause to rotate around something that remains stationary; turn
    • - she twisted her ring around and around on her finger
  10. Wind around or through something
    • - she twisted a lock of hair around her finger
  11. Move or cause to move around each other; interlace
    • - she twisted her hands together nervously
    • - the machine twists together strands to make a double yarn
  12. Make (something) by interlacing or winding strands together

  13. Take or have a winding course
    • - the road twisted through a dozen tiny villages
  14. Dance the twist

  15. Cheat; defraud

  1. An act of turning something so that it moves in relation to something that remains stationary
    • - the taps needed a single twist to turn them on
  2. An act of turning one's body or part of one's body
    • - with a sudden twist, she got away from him
  3. A dance with a twisting movement of the body, popular in the 1960s

  4. The extent of twisting of a rod or other object

  5. Force producing twisting; torque

  6. Forward motion combined with rotation about an axis

  7. The rifling in the bore of a gun
    • - barrels with a 1:24 inch twist
  8. A thing with a spiral shape
    • - a licorice twist
  9. A curled piece of lemon peel used to flavor a drink

  10. A distorted shape
    • - he had a cruel twist to his mouth
  11. An unusual feature of a person's personality, typically an unhealthy one

  12. A point at which something turns or bends
    • - the car negotiated the twists and turns of the mountain road
  13. An unexpected development of events
    • - it was soon time for the next twist of fate in his extraordinary career
  14. A new treatment or outlook; a variation
    • - she takes conventional subjects and gives them a twist
  15. A fine strong thread consisting of twisted strands of cotton or silk

  16. A drink consisting of two ingredients mixed together

  17. A carpet with a tightly curled pile

  1. turn: an unforeseen development; "events suddenly took an awkward turn"
  2. writhe: to move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling); "The prisoner writhed in discomfort"; "The child tried to wriggle free from his aunt's embrace"
  3. construction: an interpretation of a text or action; "they put an unsympathetic construction on his conduct"
  4. flex: cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form; "bend the rod"; "twist the dough into a braid"; "the strong man could turn an iron bar"
  5. device: any clever maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a point"; "it was a great sales gimmick"; "a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen"
  6. turn in the opposite direction; "twist one's head"
  7. Twist is a 1994 album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn. It was produced by Neil Finn. The album was released in the USA with a slightly altered track listing.
  8. Twist were a rock band from Birmingham, UK consisting of Emma Fox (vocals/guitar), Vanessa White (guitar), Kelly Southern (Bass) and Leanne Taylor (drums). They released their debut record, Magenta on the Fierce Panda record label in February 2000 and played support slots for Muse and Coldplay. ...
  9. A twist is a piece of citrus zest used as a cocktail garnish, generally for decoration and to add flavor when added to a mixed drink.
  10. The Sev Wide Web is an Australian cartoon site by John Cook, who is known to fans simply as "JC". It features parodies of science fiction television programs and films, as well as more conventional cartoon concepts. ...
  11. The Twist was a dance inspired by rock and roll music. It became the first worldwide dance craze in the early 1960s, enjoying immense popularity among young people and drawing fire from critics who felt it was too provocative. ...
  12. In a "relaxed" double-helical segment of B-DNA, the two strands twist around the helical axis once every 10.4-10.5 base pairs of sequence. Adding or subtracting twists, as some enzymes can do, imposes strain. ...
  13. A twisting force; Anything twisted, or the act of twisting; the degree of stress or strain when twisted; A type of thread made from two filaments twisted together; A sliver of lemon peel added to a cocktail, etc; A sudden bend (or short series of bends) in a road, path, etc; A distortion to the ...
  14. (twisted) contorted; wound spirally; Mentally disturbed or unsound
  15. (TWISTED) a leaf rotated around itself producing an askew condition.
  16. (Twisted) (TWIST-ed) -- Having parts that are spriraling or corkscrew-like.
  17. (Twisted) 1)When one becomes paralyzed by ingesting large amounts of THC 2) the completion of a Joint or Blunt. (Dorian)
  18. (Twisted) A weave in which the straws are first twisted into tight strands and then those strands are woven into an open pattern that produces a very airy hat.
  19. (Twisted) Pair – Cable consisting of two solid copper wires twisted around each other. The twisting provides a measure of protection from electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference.
  20. (Twisted) Roll To Me/Tell Her This/Here And Now
  21. (Twisted) pair is now frequently installed with two pairs to the home, with the extra pair making it possible for you to add another line (perhaps for modem use) when you need it.
  22. (Twisting) an unfair trade practice, in insurance, whereby an agent or broker attempts to persuade a life insurance policyholder through misrepresentation to cancel one policy and buy a new one
  23. (Twisting) The practice of inducing a policy owner in one company to lapse, forfeit, or surrender a policy for the purpose of taking out a policy in another company. It is a crime in all states and is typically classified as a misdemeanor.
  24. (TWISTING) The operation of building up ply YARN by combining two or more individual strands of YARN.
  25. (Twisting) An illegal replacement of life insurance based on incomplete or deceptive comparisons between existing and proposed policies.