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turtles, plural;
  1. A slow-moving reptile, enclosed in a scaly or leathery domed shell into which it can retract its head and thick legs

  2. A large marine reptile with a bony or leathery shell and flippers, coming ashore annually on sandy beaches to lay eggs

  3. The flesh of a sea turtle, esp. the green turtle, used chiefly for soup

  4. A freshwater reptile related to the turtles, typically having a flattened shell

  5. Any reptile of this order, including the terrapins and tortoises

  6. A directional cursor in a computer graphics system that can be instructed to move around a screen

  1. capsize: overturn accidentally; "Don't rock the boat or it will capsize!"
  2. turtleneck: a sweater or jersey with a high close-fitting collar
  3. any of various aquatic and land reptiles having a bony shell and flipper-like limbs for swimming
  4. hunt for turtles, especially as an occupation
  5. Turtles are reptiles of the order Testudines (the crown group of the superorder Chelonia), characterised by a special bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs that acts as a shield. ...
  6. The float is a breakdance move in which the body is held parallel to the floor while balancing on one or both hands. ...
  7. The Turtle is the name of two DC Comics supervillains who were primary enemies of The Flash.
  8. This article lists characters who appear in the anime and manga fictional universe of Dragon Ball.
  9. Turtle (DSV-3) is a 16-ton, manned deep-ocean research submersible owned by the United States Navy. It is sister to Alvin (DSV-2), and also an Alvin class Deep Submergence Vehicle. The Turtle was retired from active service in 1998. It now resides at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut
  10. Salvatore "Turtle" Assante is a fictional character on the comedy-drama television series Entourage. He is played by Jerry Ferrara.
  11. A land or marine reptile having a protective shell (made up of a carapace and a plastron) enclosing its body; A sea turtle; An Ancient Roman attack method, where the shields held by the soldiers hide them, not only left, right, front and back, but also from above; A type of robot having a ...
  12. (turtles) new replacements. They were called turtles because it took so long for them to arrive.
  13. (TURTLES) Esteemed as assistants of the rain goddesses, turtles are believed to be responsible for replenishing the water of underground springs and the purity of all water sources.
  14. (Turtles) (Testudines). The largest living turtle is the Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), reaching a maximum size of nearly 2.7 m (9 ft) and a weight of 932 kg (2050 lb). There are many extinct turtles that vie for the title of the largest ever. ...
  15. (Turtles) Those bumpy things just outside the normal track area designed to get your attention to move back on to the track. (Rumble strips, Speed bumps)
  16. A bag in which a spinnaker or other large sail can be stowed with the lines attached so that it can be rapidly raised.
  17. To dream of seeing turtles, signifies that an unusual incident will cause you enjoyment, and improve your business conditions. To drink turtle soup, denotes that you will find pleasure in compromising intrigue.
  18. A flat, on the floor mount, for large lights with a junior receiver. (Grip/Lighting)
  19. Turtles signify the odd and the unusual in your life and if you dream of seeing one you will have an odd incidence befall you and the good or the bad of it will have to be gleaned from the entire dream and the emotions expressed in it. ...
  20. Tucking in arms, legs and neck to prevent an opponent from fully mounting your back.
  21. Someone who fights in a extremely defensive style, taking very few offensive risks and countering the moves his opponent does.
  22. The turtle mount is also known as rear mount or the back mount from the top position in which the fighter’s opponent is on all fours and the fighter on top mounts the back and hooks his legs around his opponent’s hips so he is less likely to shake him off. ...
  23. Any of several varieties of shelled reptiles that live on land, in freshwater, or in the sea. Turtles can weigh over 1,000 pounds. Sea or Green Turtles are best known as food.
  24. Statue in Parents Plaza of a species of bog turtle named after naturalist Gotthilf Henry Ernest Muhlenberg.
  25. colloquial term for raised pavement markers, also known as "traffic buttons" and "Botts' Dots".