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tunnels, plural;
  1. Dig or force a passage underground or through something
    • - he tunneled under the fence
    • - the insect tunnels its way out of the plant
  2. (of a particle) Pass through a potential barrier

  1. An artificial underground passage, esp. one built through a hill or under a building, road, or river

  2. An underground passage dug by a burrowing animal

  3. A passage in a sports stadium by which players enter or leave the field

  1. a passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars); "the tunnel reduced congestion at that intersection"
  2. burrow: move through by or as by digging; "burrow through the forest"
  3. burrow: a hole made by an animal, usually for shelter
  4. force a way through
  5. A tunnel is an underground passageway, completely enclosed except for openings for egress, commonly at each end.
  6. Tunnel is Buckethead's third album under the name Death Cube K (an anagram for Buckethead) and the first to not feature Bill Laswell. Instead, it is one of the first collaborations of Buckethead and keyboardist Travis Dickerson. ...
  7. Tunnel was a large New York City nightclub with multiple rooms on several levels. It was located at 269 11th Ave (between 27th and 28th Street) in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.
  8. Quantum tunnelling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount because its total mechanical energy is lower than the potential energy of the barrier. ...
  9. Tunnel (Тоннель) is a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia, generally acknowledged to be the first techno club in the country when it opened in 1993. ...
  10. The Mass Transit Tunnel was a future railroad tunnel that would have allowed additional New Jersey Transit commuter trains to reach Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Construction was suspended in September 2010 due to budget difficulties. ...
  11. (Tunnels) Ground-effect-generating venturi underneath the side pods of a Champ Car. See Aerodynamics.
  12. (Tunnels) A popular part of a coaster, that involves going 'inside' for a brief moment. Tunells are often dark, and give headchopper effects. In some coasters special effects take place in the tunnels.
  13. (Tunnels) On the Quad-Cities Campus, a system of walkways and skyways used to navigate between buildings.
  14. (tunnels) Al Shindagha Tunnel · Al Maktoum Bridge · Floating Bridge · Al Garhoud Bridge · Business Bay Crossing · Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Crossing
  15. To dream of going through a tunnel is bad for those in business and in love. To see a train coming towards you while in a tunnel, foretells ill health and change in occupation. To pass through a tunnel in a car, denotes unsatisfactory business, and much unpleasant and expensive travel. ...
  16. A section of track completely covered and travelling beneath the ground.
  17. A communication channel created in a computer network by encapsulating a communication protocol's data packets in (on top of) a second protocol that normally would be carried above, or at the same layer as, the first one. Most often, a tunnel is a logical point-to-point link - i.e. ...
  18. The underground passageway used by Metrorail cars
  19. Covered portion of spillway between the gate or crest structure and the terminal structure, where open channel flow and/or pressure flow conditions may exist. Portion of an outlet works between upstream and downstream portals, excluding the gate chamber. ...
  20. A tunnel is typically a point-to-point connection over which packets are exchanged which carry the data of another protocol, e.g. an IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel.
  21. Ventilation - Placement of large fans at end of building to draw air from one end to the other.
  22. A technology that enables one network to send its data via another network's connections. Tunneling works by encapsulating a network protocol within packets carried by the second network. ...
  23. a tunnel used to carry a roadway through a mountain or under a river instead of around or over those obstacles. Tunnels can be very expensive to construct and maintain due to drilling and ventilation requirements. ...
  24. in mining, a horizontal passageway that provides access to the mine
  25. 1) A small culvert of various types designed for amphibian passage. The term tunnel is not used in the Wildlife Crossings Toolkit because the term is not standardized. 2) A bored hole through a substantial amount of earth for a highway, allowing undisturbed soil and vegetation on top. ...