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Tuesdays, plural;
  1. The day of the week before Wednesday and following Monday
    • - come to dinner on Tuesday
    • - the following Tuesday
    • - Tuesday afternoons
  1. On Tuesday
    • - they're all leaving Tuesday
  2. On Tuesdays; each Tuesday
    • - she works late Tuesdays

  1. the third day of the week; the second working day
  2. Tuesday is the first studio album by the German pop-rock band Reamonn. It was released on May 29, 2000 by EMI by the label Virgin Records.
  3. Tuesday was a pop punk/emo band formed by three ex-members of influential Chicago ska punk band Slapstick after the latter's 1996 breakup. Dan Andriano (bass/vocals), Matt Stamps (guitar), and Rob Kellenberger (drums/vocals) released their first EP Early Summer on Asian Man Records in 1997. ...
  4. Tuesday is a book by David Wiesner. Released by Clarion Books, it was the recipient of the Caldecott Medal for illustration in 1992.American Library Association: . URL accessed 27 May 2009.
  5. Tuesday is a low-budget British heist film set in the 1980s. It stars John Simm and Phillip Glenister as jewel thieves. It also stars Ashley Walters and Kevin McNally. The film was released in the UK on October 10, 2008.
  6. Licht (Light), subtitled "The Seven Days of the Week," is a cycle of seven operas composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen which, in total, lasts over 29 hours.
  7. "Tuesday" is the second track on Shine, the 2005 release Trey Anastasio. It was recorded in mid-2005 at the Southern Tracks Recording Studio in Atlanta, GA. "Tuesday" is considered "irrestistible," and seems to be the most popular song on the album. ...
  8. "Tuesday" is the fourth single from the album Hourly, Daily by Australian rock band You Am I. It was released in 1997 and reached number 29 on the Australian charts.
  9. (The Tuesdays) The Tuesdays was a Norwegian rock group formed in 1990. They were similar in sound to The Bangles, but had a slightly more mature feel—but still catchy pop tunes. They formed in 1990 as No Limits in Larvik, Norway. ...
  10. This day was named after the Norse god Tyr. The Romans named this day after their war-god Mars: dies Martis.
  11. Adult Ladder Night starts at 7:30 please be at the club by 7:15
  12. Students are in practical all day on Tuesdays, perfecting their services to better serve you!
  13. finishing up background where sketching is completed, typically today all staff do not sleep
  14. Tuesday's blog offered an eclectic mix of subjects ranging from games to teenage crushes with a diversion to food blog on the way. Civilization V featured prominently with Sheep2 and henrypootle commenting on its addictive qualities. ...
  15. is the April Case Shiller home price report, which markets consider the most broad home price report. The March report confirmed home prices fell to an eight year low, and home sales reports of recent months don’t suggest the demand that will push any upside price surprise for April. ...
  16. As a group complete exercises A, B & C in Words to Go!
  17. Use each word in a written sentence.
  18. No Poverty (Prosperity to all)
  19. 10:00 am | through | 7:00 pm
  20. dimarts Saturday: dissabte
  21. n mom-torin mom-torin
  22. (noun) The day when the crew gets together to party, not necessarily the day following Monday but it could be?
  23. Starting in the afternoon, anywhere from 30 to 45 scripts are written, significantly more than will make it to air. Most writers work through the night. Once a writer's scripts are complete, he or she will often help other writers on their scripts.
  24. Maturity And Understanding