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tribes, plural;
  1. A social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader
    • - indigenous Indian tribes
    • - the Celtic tribes of Europe
  2. (in ancient Rome) Each of several political divisions, originally three, later thirty, ultimately thirty-five

  3. Family
    • - the entire tribe is coming for Thanksgiving
  4. A distinctive close-knit social or political group
    • - she made a stand against the social codes of her English middle-class tribe
  5. A group or class of people or things
    • - an outburst against the whole tribe of theoreticians
  6. A large number of people or animals
    • - tribes of children playing under the watchful eyes of nurses
  7. A taxonomic category that ranks above genus and below family or subfamily, usually ending in -ini (in zoology) or -eae (in botany)

  1. a social division of (usually preliterate) people
  2. a federation (as of American Indians)
  3. (biology) a taxonomic category between a genus and a subfamily
  4. kin: group of people related by blood or marriage
  5. (tribal) relating to or characteristic of a tribe; "tribal customs"
  6. A tribe, viewed historically or developmentally, consists of a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states.
  7. Tribe was an alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts which was active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They released three albums, two on Slash Records/Warner Bros. Records, but did not translate their local appeal into national fame and disbanded in 1994.
  8. Tribe is a 1987 solo album by Elton John's longtime lyricist, Bernie Taupin. The album includes the two singles, "Friend of the Flag" and "Citizen Jane". Music videos were made for both singles.
  9. In biology, a tribe is a taxonomic rank between family and genus. It is sometimes subdivided into subtribes.
  10. Tribe was a short-lived comic book published first in 1993. Created by Todd Johnson and Larry Stroman, Tribe launched as part of Image Comics' second round of titles and with sales of over one million copies is still the largest selling African American comic produced by African American ...
  11. Tribe is an extended play from the metal band Soulfly. This EP was only released in Australia on a tour Soulfly was on.
  12. A socially, ethnically, and politically cohesive group of people; A society larger than a band but smaller than a state; The collective noun for various animals; A hierarchal rank between family and genus
  13. (tribal) A design or image that has been influenced by indigenous peoples; especially such a tattoo; Of, or relating to, tribes; Based on or organized according to tribes
  14. (The Tribes) (Tribal competition). At the beginning of each session the campers are divided into four teams or tribes for competition throughout the session.  The four tribes are the Panthers, Dragons, Tigers, and Falcons. ...
  15. (Tribes) At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned 1 of 20 tribes, at random and different to the ones from the other players.  A player may change his tribe once per turn, but at a cost of the player’s EFF level (up to 15%). ...
  16. The 12 tribes of Israel. For more information, see a comprehensive review of this term.
  17. (Tribal) An artwork style identified by thick, usually black, lines arranged in various simple patterns. Common for arm bands.
  18. (Tribal) Artwork of all one color usually designs without much detail.
  19. (Tribal) Characterized by style elements common to a specific culture of ethnic group, these designs utilize earth tones such as yellow, gold, red, and brown. Tribal designs combine these elements in very exacting and structured designs offering their own interpretations.
  20. (Tribal) Each card with the tribal type also has another card type.  Playing and resolving tribal cards follow the rules associated with the other card type.  Tribals share a list of subtypes with creatures, called creature types.
  21. (Tribal) Usually bold simple lines, simple patterns. Almost always done with
  22. (tribal) styles of sarees and ornament that are traditionally carried down in the village of their origin. Tribal ornament is rough, geometric and bold.
  23. A group of people who live in one part of a country and are ruled by a chief.
  24. A tribe is a group of Native Americans sharing a common language and culture. The term is used frequently in the Unites States, but only in a few areas of Canada.
  25. a group that centers around kinship units and common-interest groups that cross-cut kindred boundaries. Horticulture typifies the subsistence technology. People who attain prestige according to cultural standards may be seen as leaders. The big-man institution is quite common in tribes.