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  1. traveler: a person who changes location
  2. Traveller is an album by Christy Moore, released in 2000.
  3. Traveller is an American film released in 1997, starring Bill Paxton, Mark Wahlberg, and Julianna Margulies. The plot centers on a man joining a group of nomadic con artists in rural North Carolina.
  4. Traveller is a historical novel written by Richard Adams in 1988. It recounts the American Civil War through the viewpoint of Traveller, the favorite horse of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
  5. Traveller is a series of related science fiction role-playing games, the first published in 1977 by Game Designers' Workshop and subsequent editions by various companies remaining in print to this day. ...
  6. A mechanical traveller is a moving part of a machine, typically a ring that slides between different positions on a supporting rod when the machine goes through its operating cycle. The term may also be used refer to the supporting rod.
  7. Traveller is a concept album by the American folk/power band The Lord Weird Slough Feg. The album is based on GDW's 1977 science fiction role-playing game, Traveller.
  8. "traveller" is Aiko Kayo's sixth single. It was released on December 8, 2004, by AVEX Records.
  9. James Herbert, OBE (born 8 April 1943, London) is a best-selling English horror writer who originally worked as the art director of an advertising agency. He is a full-time writer who also designs his own book covers and publicity.
  10. The Traveler (مسافر, Mosāfer) is a 1974 Iranian drama film directed by Abbas Kiarostami that tells the story of Hassan Darabi, a troublesome, amoral 10-year-old boy in a small Iranian town. He wishes to see the Iran national football team play an important match in Tehran. ...
  11. (The Travellers (band)) The Travellers were a Canadian folk singing group which formed in the summer of 1953. They are best known for their rendition of a Canadian version of This Land Is Your Land with lyrics that reference Canadian geography.
  12. One who travels, especially to distant lands; A term for a modern day gypsy, tinker, caravan dweller, etc; Member of the nomadic ethnic minority; A term for a list and record of instructions that follows a part in a manufacturing process; a metal ring that moves freely on part of a ship’s rigging
  13. (Travellers) small fittings that slide on a rod or line. The most common use is for the inboard end of the mainsheet; a more esoteric form of traveller consists of "slight iron rings, encircling the backstays, which are used for hoisting the top-gallant yards, and confining them to the backstays".
  14. (TRAVELLERS) Pubs often ban gypsies and travellers from drinking on site as many locals dislike and mistrust them. The nomadic lifestyle of the travelling means they have no ties to the pub, and if there is any trouble, trying to locate a suspect of no fixed abode can prove challenging. ...
  15. (Travellers) The LEA has to ensure that proper education is provided for all children of school age in the area. This includes the provision of schooling for the children of: migrants from the EEC and other countries; mobile workers whose jobs require them to travel; travelling people. ...
  16. (Travellers) means the persons named as travellers on the insurance schedule.
  17. A moving car, usually with ball bearings, that runs on specially made track to allow a sheet lead to be adjusted.
  18. Hedge synthesizer, San Francisco Boys Choir, et al. (1986). Attic GFR-2010
  19. A model name for the wood-trimmed Morris Minor and Mini Minor estate cars.
  20. A slide used for altering the sheet angles
  21. fictional character from Trakl's Drama Fragment.
  22. A small piece of the same product (panel, tube, etc.) as the test specimen, used for example to measure moisture content as a result of conditioning.
  23. an old term for a salesperson; a travelling salesperson.
  24. To tip the traveller; to tell wonderful stories, to romance.
  25. A member of the travelling community. Often used to refer to Irish Travellers. This term is generally acceptable to all Gypsy and Travellers.