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transformed, past tense; transforms, 3rd person singular present; transforming, present participle; transformed, past participle;
  1. Make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of
    • - lasers have transformed cardiac surgery
    • - he wanted to transform himself into a successful businessman
  2. Undergo such a change
    • - an automobile that transformed into a boat
  3. Change the voltage of (an electric current)

  4. Change (a mathematical entity) by transformation

  1. The product of a transformation

  2. A rule for making a transformation

  1. subject to a mathematical transformation
  2. change or alter in form, appearance, or nature; "This experience transformed her completely"; "She transformed the clay into a beautiful sculpture"; "transubstantiate one element into another"
  3. change in outward structure or looks; "He transformed into a monster"; "The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle"
  4. translate: change from one form or medium into another; "Braque translated collage into oil"
  5. convert (one form of energy) to another; "transform energy to light"
  6. change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species
  7. Transform is the fourth album by American hard rock band Powerman 5000, released May 20, 2003. It is an enhanced CD that includes the videos for "Free" and "Action," the album's two singles.
  8. Transform - which includes Transform Aviation LLC , Transform Healthcare LLC , Transform Government Solutions LLLP Georgia Secretary of State website, and Transform AL LLC - is a management consulting, technology services and process improvement firm. ...
  9. The Transportation and Land Use Coalition (TALC) is a non-profit organization which serves as a partnership of over 100 organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on smart growth, public transportation, environmental causes, and other issues connected with transit and urban planning. ...
  10. Transform is the sixth studio album by Christian pop and rock singer Rebecca St. James. It was released on October 24, 2000 and debuted at #166 on the Billboard 200. The album spawned two of St. James' biggest hits, "Wait for Me" and "Reborn".
  11. A transform is a type of scratch used by turntablists. It is made from a combination of moving the record on the turntable by hand and repeated movement of the crossfader.
  12. (Transformation (album)) Transformation is the second album by the Alex Skolnick Trio, released on September 14, 2004.
  13. (transformation) A refactoring operation that modifies source code.
  14. (Transformation) A constitutional change in a solid metal, e.g., the change from gamma to alpha iron, or the formation of pearlite from austenite.
  15. (transformation) The process of incorporating foreign DNA into an organism.
  16. (transformation) The process that converts coordinates from one coordinate system to another through translation, rotation, and scaling. ...
  17. (Transformation) In genetics, the transfer of genes by one organism taking up DNA belonging to another organism of the same or different species.
  18. (transformation) The change that a normal cell undergoes as it becomes malignant.
  19. (Transformation) a process by which some bacteria can absorb DNA from their surroundings.
  20. (Transformation) This is the process where we apply the business rules to the source data before loading it to the warehouse/mart. Transformation as the term suggests converts the data based on the business rules. Transformation also adds further business context to the data. ...
  21. (transformation) (1) The conversion of a normal animal cell to a cancerous cell. (2) A change in genotype and phenotype due to the assimilation of external DNA by a cell.
  22. A transformation of data values is done by applying the same function to each data value, such as by taking logarithms of the data.
  23. (transformation) The introduction of foreign DNA into a cell and expression of genes from the introduced DNA (this does not necessarily include stable integration into the host cell genome).
  24. (TRANSFORMATION) A change in attitude about something or someone; gaining a new perspective
  25. (TRANSFORMATION) A marked change for the better. It can be defined as ambitious change or improvement based on self-exploration. Entrepreneurs build new skills not by acquiring information or purchasing consulting services but through a process that involves both internal and external changes. ...