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(typically of financial assets, liabilities, or legal rights) Able to be transferred or made over to the possession of another person,
  1. (typically of financial assets, liabilities, or legal rights) Able to be transferred or made over to the possession of another person

  1. movable: capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another
  2. assignable: legally transferable to the ownership of another; "negotiable bonds"
  3. (transferability) the quality of being transferable or exchangeable; "sterling transferability affords a means of multilateral settlement between nondollar countries"
  4. Transferability, in chemistry, is the assumption that a chemical property that is associated with an atom or a functional group in a molecule will have a similar (but not identical) value in a variety of different circumstances. ...
  5. (Transferability) The ability to use the findings of the research from one context to help understand or explain another similar context. Transferability is commonly used to assess the validity of qualitative research.
  6. (Transferability) the ease (or difficulty) in which a good may be transported from one area to another.
  7. (Transferability) A vehicle having an extended warranty can have the warranty transferred to the new owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is sold privately.
  8. (C. Transferability) Only one account is allowed per person. Your account is not transferable. You may not allow any other person to access your account, accept your merchandise or participate in any auction using your account information. ...
  9. (5. TRANSFERABILITY) In Florida and all other states You may transfer this Agreement to any person by sending written notice to: Service Net, P.O. Box 811, Jeffersonville, IN 47131.
  10. (TRANSFERABILITY) Owner of a property is able to convey title or use of property to another. One of the four essential elements which create value.
  11. (Transferability) Transfer of college-level course work between regionally accredited institutions. Does not assume applicability to any specific major at the receiving institution.
  12. (Transferability) the ability to relate learning or performance in one area or context to another, eg, a candidate who can measure in metric in a training environment should be able to do so in the workplace using different materials and equipment.
  13. (transferability) the extent to which a course taken from one campus may be accepted by another campus; variations determining full or partial transfer of the credit depend on such factors as whether the receiving campus offers an equivalent or similar course at comparable levels of academic ...
  14. A letter of credit that allows the beneficiary to transfer in whole or in part to another beneficiary any amount which, in aggregate, of such transfers does not exceed the amount of the credit.  Used by middlemen.
  15. The ability of a course to transfer to NAU.
  16. College credit earned through satisfactory completion of a course which has been accepted by another college institution, usually an upper division college or university.
  17. A keyword only found on some equipment. This keyword allows a player to move the equipment to another character they control during the formation step.