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trampled, past participle; trampled, past tense; trampling, present participle; tramples, 3rd person singular present;
  1. Tread on and crush
    • - the fence had been trampled down
    • - her dog trampled on his tulips
  2. Treat with contempt
    • - a drug-testing device that doesn't trample on employees' civil liberties
  1. An act or the sound of trampling

  1. the sound of heavy treading or stomping; "he heard the trample of many feet"
  2. tread: tread or stomp heavily or roughly; "The soldiers trampled across the fields"
  3. injure by trampling or as if by trampling; "The passerby was trampled by an elephant"
  4. tramp down: walk on and flatten; "tramp down the grass"; "trample the flowers"
  5. the sound of heavy footsteps; To crush and destroy something by walking on it; To treat someone harshly; To walk heavily and destructively; To cause emotional injury as if by trampling
  6. (Trampling) a process caused by overgrazing, where the soil becomes compacted (compressed) by animal hooves, making it impermeable and useless for farming.
  7. A creature with Trample has any of its left over damage dealt to the defending player.  Creatures with Trample must deal enough combat damage to the creature(s) that blocked it to kill them before any extra damage is dealt to the defending player.  (BACK)
  8. The definition of Trample in the Miniatures Handbook should specify it can be used only against a smaller creature. Trample can affect only one smaller creature per turn. ...
  9. To tread heavily so as to bruise, crush, or injure; refers to the process of vegetation being destroyed by trail users.
  10. (v) baramtalarģa, buzarģa, maltarģa, mıltarģa, sındırırģa, tеblеrgе