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The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior,
  1. The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior
    • - in-service training for staff
  2. The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event
    • - you'll have to go into strict training

  1. activity leading to skilled behavior
  2. education: the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior); "a woman of breeding and refinement"
  3. (trained) shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form; "a trained mind"; "trained pigeons"; "well-trained servants"
  4. The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. ...
  5. Training or entrance training refers to coastal structures built to constrain a river discharging across a littoral coast so that it discharges only where desired. ...
  6. In meteorology, training denotes repeated areas of rain, typically associated with thunderstorms, that move over the same region in a relatively short period of time. Training thunderstorms are capable of producing excessive rainfall totals, often causing flash flooding. ...
  7. Training (poem) is a poem by Wilfred Owen. It deals with the atrocities of World War I.
  8. The use of vine training systems in viticulture is aimed primarily to assist in canopy management with finding the balance in enough foliage to facilitate photosynthesis without excessive shading that could impede grape ripening or promote grape diseases. ...
  9. action of the verb to train; the activity of imparting and acquiring skills; the result of good social upbringing; the process by which two modems determine which protocol and speed to use; handshaking; the recording of multiple samples of a user's voice to aid pattern recognition
  10. (trained) Having undergone a course of training (sometimes in combination); Manipulated in shape or habit
  11. (Trainings) Exercises in which students train for expertise in Mission League operations.
  12. Providing an employee with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform her/his current job.
  13. Getting prepared to climb on difficult mountains
  14. In the Organizational Training process area, see the definition of .training. in the introductory notes.
  15. Planned learning to develop needed skills, knowledge, ability to improve performance in one’s current job.
  16. Procedure whereby a network is adjusted to do a particular job. Commonly viewed as an offline job, as opposed to an adjustment made during each time interval, as is done in adaptive training.
  17. An attempt to impose learning, often more at the convenience of the provider than the learner.
  18. n. (military) entrenamiento; capacitación, formación, enseñanza, instrucción
  19. Competency-based education provided to all Mentor Mothers and Site Coordinators using the Helping Mothers Savings Babies curriculum. Builds the requisite skills needed to support holistic PMTCT services on site.
  20. The Committee when established will commence its work with appropriate training as agreed within the Committee. Trinity College will become a member of the Skillnets Partnership Programme and use that body to provide appropriate training and facilitation as decided by the Committee.
  21. Can include formal, vocational, technical, or on the job training. Trade Act will pay 100% of tuition, books, fee’s, tools, and travel to training, if applicable. Maximum length of approved training is 104 weeks (in school) and the worker must be job ready upon completion.
  22. A route that uses roads and trails on which there will be as little interruption as possible from traffic control devices, traffic or other recreational users (including pedestrians, roller bladders, other cyclist on different types of rides). ...
  23. means the planned and organized activity of a consultant to impart skills, techniques and methodologies to employers and their employees to assist them in establishing and maintaining employment and a place of employment which is safe and healthful.
  24. Instruction which emphasizes job-specific, near-transfer learning objectives; traditionally skills-based instruction, as opposed to education.
  25. as a focus of cultural policy comprises the education of artists, arts administrators, and workers in related fields.