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  1. financial aid that enables you to get trained for a specified job; "the bill provided traineeships in vocational rehabilitation"
  2. The condition of, or the time served by, a trainee; training
  3. Workplace learning programs offer the opportunity to stay at school, keep learning and start getting the skills and experience needed for a career.
  4. A traineeship is an educational award given to a student selected by the institution.
  5. a type of fellowship that is awarded to provide educational training in particular disciplinary areas (see chapter VIII.B for more information).
  6. A type of job that combines formal training and work. Trainees undertake on-the-job work (usually four days per week) as well as training provided by a college or other training provider (usually a day each week).
  7. Traineeships are established when it is found that the job market cannot provide candidates with the skills and abilities necessary for certain positions in State service, and to provide employee advancement opportunities. [See SPMM Section 0890]
  8. A category established by certain government agencies such as NIH. Traineeships may include restrictions and certain responsibilities, which are found in the description of each traineeship program. ...
  9. A structured employment based training program that leads to trainees gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Traineeships may be full-time or part-time. Traineeships at Certificate II level are generally available under school-based arrangements.