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trainees, plural;
  1. A person undergoing training for a particular job or profession

  1. someone who is being trained
  2. The term training refers to the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. ...
  3. Someone who is still in the process of being formally trained in a workplace
  4. A more-junior member of a research team who is being advised by someone. In academic research, trainees may be graduate students or post-doctoral fellows.
  5. An individual registered with the supervisor according to WAC 296-05-311.
  6. refers to a person not employed by the Territory seeking to obtain placement experience with the Territory and may include:
  7. An individual who is learning skills necessary for an occupation.
  8. includes any individual with a terminal degree participating in the research during a training or transitional period preparatory to a research or teaching career, requiring the supervision of a senior scholar (faculty member). ...
  9. an entry level position having a defined training period and a formal training program with established competencies to be acquired.
  10. An individual hired for a job, which may or may not require previous experience or education. A trainee could start in an entry-level, apprenticeship level, or internship level position.
  11. Person being trained for a job e.g. a trainee salesman
  12. An entry-level position similar to a production assistant, the difference being a trainee is generally being groomed for a specific job within a company.
  13. refers to a person training to become a visit supervisor and working under the direct supervision of a staff member responsible for his or her work. This definition includes interns and practicum students.
  14. An employee participating in a company-sponsored training program.
  15. Persons engaging in unpaid work experiences, internships or volunteer work for purposes of increasing their employability. Such individuals may receive a stipend to defray the cost of transportation or other incidental expenses.
  16. A trainee member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors is one who is enrolled on to the APC.
  17. An inmate/prisoner in a Young Offenders Institution. More recently referred to simply as a 'young person'
  18. Somebody who is undergoing a period of training in order to learn the skills essential to a particular position.
  19. An employee who is being taught the basic skills of the position and who is on provisional status until the end of the training.