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tourists, plural;
  1. Travel as a tourist
    • - American families touristing abroad
  1. A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure
    • - the pyramids have drawn tourists to Egypt

  1. someone who travels for pleasure
  2. (touristed) visited by throngs of tourists; "of the three American Virgin islands St. Thomas is the most touristed"; "tourists descend in the whole place is rather touristy"
  3. (tourism) the business of providing services to tourists; "Tourism is a major business in Bermuda"
  4. Tourist was the second album by English rock band Athlete, released in January 2005 (see 2005 in British music). For this album, Athlete demonstrate a more mature musical style, creating a more stripped-down, sombre and reflective album than their first album Vehicles & Animals.
  5. Tourist is the 2000 album by St. Germain, one of the aliases of French producer Ludovic Navarre. The music style is described by Allmusic as "a synthesis of electronics with jazz soloing".
  6. The Tourist is a 1925 comedy film directed by Fatty Arbuckle.
  7. Deception is a 2008 drama/romance/thriller film, directed by Marcel Langenegger and written by Mark Bomback. It stars Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, and Michelle Williams. The film was released on April 25, 2008 in the United States.
  8. The Tourist is an upcoming comedy thriller film directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. It is a remake of the French film Anthony Zimmer.
  9. The Tourist is a 1998 album by Mark Mallman.
  10. (tourism) the act of travelling or sightseeing, particularly away from one's home; collectively, the tourists visiting a place or landmark
  11. (Tourists) People who take training classes just to get a vacation from their jobs. "We had three serious students in the class; the rest were just tourists."
  12. (Tourists) "Hey duuude, let's go check out all that G20 riotzz, bro!" Perhaps the faggiest of the bunch. These guys wanted to come down and see what all the hubbub was about. ...
  13. (Tourists) Group of workers who must install device
  14. (Tourists) People who do not permanently reside in the country of arrival, and who are in that country under a tourist visa, for purposes of recreation, visits to friends or relatives, health or medical treatment, or religious pilgrimage.
  15. (Tourism) As an industry to be measured statistically, Tourism does not fit into the standard classification system used for industries. Tourism is defined by the customer, a person who travels outside his/her environment and stays no more than a year. ...
  16. (Tourism) Fueled by media coverage and inclusion of conservation education in early school curriculum, Wildlife tourism & Ecotourism has fast become a popular industry generating substantial income for developing nations with rich wildlife specially , Africa and India. ...
  17. (Tourism) also has an effect on the area. More than 400 000 people visit the region each year, which means thousands of buses, 4WD’s, and passenger cars drive through the rainforest. ...
  18. (Tourism) n. Veni, vidi, Visa.
  19. (Tourism) tourist travel and the services connected with it.
  20. (tourism (n)) Travel for recreation or instruction, often in organized groups
  21. (tourism) The UN (United Nations) agency that deals with tourism, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), offers a basic glossary. It explains that tourism is component of the travel industry. A traveller is defined as ... ...
  22. Tourism as an industrial sector encompasses portions of many other sectors including hospitality, transportation, retail, and entertainment. Tourism attracts temporary visitors to places where they purchase goods and services before leaving. ...
  23. Tourism has increased tremendously since 1990. A valid passport is required for entry. Visas required by all except for: a) nationals of Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Brunei, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia, Sao Tome, ...
  24. Tourism remains a vital aspect of Orange County's economy. Anaheim is the main tourist hub, with its Disneyland Resort being the second most visited theme park in the country. The Anaheim Convention Center receives many major conventions throughout the year. ...
  25. A cyclist who rides to enjoy the outdoors and see the sights versus hammering for time or competition.