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tighter, comparative; tightest, superlative;
  1. Fixed, fastened, or closed firmly; hard to move, undo, or open
    • - she twisted her handkerchief into a tight knot
  2. (of clothes or shoes) Close-fitting, esp. uncomfortably so
    • - the dress was too tight for her
  3. (of a grip) Very firm so as not to let go
    • - she released her tight hold on the dog
    • - presidential advisers keep a tight grip on domestic policy
  4. (of a ship, building, or object) Well sealed against something such as water or air
    • - a light-tight container
  5. (of a formation or a group of people or things) Closely or densely packed together
    • - he levered the bishop out from a tight knot of clerical wives
  6. (of a community or other group of people) Having close relations; secretive
    • - the tenants were far too tight to let anyone know
  7. (of a rope, fabric, or surface) Stretched so as to leave no slack; not loose
    • - the drawcord pulls tight
  8. (of a part of the body or a bodily sensation) Feeling painful and constricted, as a result of anxiety or illness
    • - there was a tight feeling in his gut
  9. (of appearance or manner) Tense, irritated, or angry
    • - she gave him a tight smile
  10. (of a rule, policy, or form of control) Strictly imposed
    • - security was tight at yesterday's ceremony
  11. (of a game or contest) With evenly matched competitors; very close
    • - he won in a tight finish
  12. (of a written work or form) Concise, condensed, or well structured
    • - a tight argument
  13. (of an organization or group of people) Disciplined or professional; well coordinated
    • - the vocalists are strong, and the band is tight
  14. (of an area or space) Having or allowing little room for maneuver
    • - a tight parking spot
    • - it was a tight squeeze in the tiny vestibule
  15. (of a bend, turn, or angle) Changing direction sharply; having a short radius

  16. (of money or time) Limited or restricted
    • - David was out of work and money was tight
    • - an ability to work to tight deadlines
  17. (of a person) Not willing to spend or give much money; stingy

  18. Drunk
    • - later, at the club, he got tight on brandy
  1. Very firmly, closely, or tensely
    • - he went downstairs, holding tight to the banisters

  1. closely constrained or constricted or constricting; "tight skirts"; "he hated tight starched collars"; "fingers closed in a tight fist"; "a tight feeling in his chest"
  2. fast: firmly or closely; "held fast to the rope"; "her foot was stuck fast"; "held tight"
  3. close: in an attentive manner; "he remained close on his guard"
  4. taut: pulled or drawn tight; "taut sails"; "a tight drumhead"; "a tight rope"
  5. set so close together as to be invulnerable to penetration; "in tight formation"; "a tight blockade"
  6. compressed: pressed tightly together; "with lips compressed"
  7. Tight is the out of print debut album by New York City band Mindless Self Indulgence, released in 1999 (see 1999 in music). Tight is regularly seen on eBay, Amazon, or other used CD reseller websites selling for $80 to $125+.
  8. "Tight" is the only single released from the The Best of INXS album by INXS. The song was written by Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss and recorded by the band during the sessions for Welcome to Wherever You Are in 1992.
  9. (Tightly) Blacklisted is a 2002 album by Neko Case.
  10. (Tightness (market)) Tightness is defined as a point in time where economically, it is very difficult to invest, but it is far easier to sell or to remove investments in return of monetary rewards. ...
  11. (Tightness (topology)) In mathematics, a topological space X is called countably generated if the topology of X is determined by the countable sets in a similar way as the topology of a sequential space (or a Fréchet space) by the convergent sequences.
  12. Tights are a kind of cloth leg garment, most often sheathing the body from about the waist to the feet with a more or less tight fit, hence the name.
  13. Pushed or pulled together; Of a space, etc, narrow, so that it is difficult for something or someone to pass through it; Of a turn, sharp, so that the timeframe for making it is narrow and following it is difficult; Under high tension; Well-rehearsed and accurate in execution; Intoxicated; ...
  14. (tights) A close-fitting, sheer or non-sheer skin-tight garment worn principally by women and girls that covers the body completely from the waist down, usually including the feet; A similar, non-sheer garment worn by dancers of either sex, especially by ballet dancers; In blasting rock, a piece ...
  15. (TIGHTNESS) Degree to which the double seam is compressed by the second operation roll. Tightness is determined primarily by the degree of freedom from wrinkles in the cover hook. ...
  16. (Tightness) Leakage / time unit; non-desired quanitity of the gaseous medium that escapes in the switched-on or switched-off state of a valve during a time interval
  17. (Tightness) Shortness; denotes a slight to moderate decrease in muscle length; movement in the direction of lengthening the muscle is limited.
  18. (tights) A heavy, opaque one-piece garment from hip to toe worn with leotards for dance, exercise, etc. It is usually made with 40 denier yarn and over and is sometimes made of yarn other than nylon.
  19. (TIGHTS) Leg wear constructed like pantyhose but made from heavier, opaque, printed, or woven patterns and fabrics.
  20. (Tights) Sheer one-piece leg covering usually made of nylon.
  21. (Tights) are nylons or stockings. Worn by woman of course. And some Tory politicians.
  22. (Tights) sabates Erraings: arrecades
  23. (Tights) symbolize your intestines.
  24. (tights) breeches or knee-breeches
  25. (tights) n. 1. Hosiery, nylons or even tights.