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All the way through, in particular,
  1. All the way through, in particular

  2. In every part of (a place or object)
    • - it had repercussions throughout Europe
    • - the house is in good order throughout
  3. From beginning to end of (an event or period of time)
    • - the Church of which she was a faithful member throughout her life
    • - both sets of parents retained a smiling dignity throughout

  1. from first to last; "the play was excellent end-to-end"
  2. passim: used to refer to cited works
  3. Completely through, right the way through; In every part; everywhere; during an entire period of time; in every part of; all through
  4. Used of a charge touching the edge of the shield, which does not normally do so.
  5. is a group, is a commutative ring with 1 and  is a -algebra.