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throbs, 3rd person singular present; throbbed, past participle; throbbing, present participle; throbbed, past tense;
  1. Beat or sound with a strong, regular rhythm; pulsate steadily
    • - the war drums throbbed
    • - the crowded streets throbbed with life
  2. Feel pain in a series of regular beats
    • - her foot throbbed with pain
    • - a throbbing headache
  1. A strong, regular beat or sound; a steady pulsation
    • - the throb of the ship's engines
  2. A feeling of pain in a series of regular beats

  1. pulsate or pound with abnormal force; "my head is throbbing"; "Her heart was throbbing"
  2. a deep pulsating type of pain
  3. an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart); "he felt a throbbing in his head"
  4. pulsate: expand and contract rhythmically; beat rhythmically; "The baby's heart was pulsating again after the surgeon massaged it"
  5. shudder: tremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement
  6. Throb was an American television sitcom broadcast in syndication from 1986 to 1988. It revolved around thirty-something divorcee Sandy Beatty (Diana Canova) who gets a job at a small New Wave record label, Throb. Beatty's boss is Zach Armstrong (Jonathan Prince), who looks like Michael J. ...
  7. "Throb" is a song by American singer Janet Jackson from her fifth studio album, janet. (1993). Released as the album's sixth single in 1994, the track is the second B-side to "Any Time, Any Place", the album's fifth single.
  8. (The Throbs) The Throbs were a sleaze rock band from New York City formed in 1988. They featured singer Ronnie Sweetheart, guitarist Roger Ericson, bassist Danny Nordahl, and drummer Ronnie Magri. ...
  9. A beating, vibration or palpitation; To pound or beat rapidly or violently; To vibrate or pulsate with a steady rhythm
  10. (Throbbing) often used to describe the pain of migraine. It means pounding, pulsating or like the banging of a drum
  11. (throbbing) to beat or pulsate in a rapid forceful way
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