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thickest, superlative; thicker, comparative;
  1. With opposite sides or surfaces that are a great or relatively great distance apart
    • - thick slices of bread
    • - the walls are 5 feet thick
  2. (of a garment or other knitted or woven item) Made of heavy material for warmth or comfort
    • - a thick sweater
  3. Of large diameter
    • - thick metal cables
  4. (of script or type) Consisting of broad lines
    • - a headline in thick black type
  5. Made up of a large number of things or people close together
    • - his hair was long and thick
    • - the road winds through thick forest
  6. Densely filled or covered with
    • - the room was thick with smoke
    • - the air was thick with rumors
  7. (of air, the atmosphere, or an odor carried by them) Heavy or dense
    • - a thick odor of dust and perfume
  8. (of darkness or a substance in the air) So black or dense as to be impossible or difficult to see through
    • - the shore was obscured by thick fog
  9. (of a liquid or a semiliquid substance) Relatively firm in consistency; not flowing freely
    • - thick mud
  10. Of low intelligence; stupid
    • - he's a bit thick
    • - I've got to shout to get it into your thick head
  11. (of a voice) Not clear or distinct; hoarse or husky

  12. (of an accent) Very marked and difficult to understand

  13. Having a very close, friendly relationship
    • - he's very thick with the new boss
  1. The busiest or most crowded part of something; the middle of something
    • - the thick of battle
  1. In or with deep, dense, or heavy mass
    • - bread spread thick with butter

  1. thickly: with a thick consistency; "the blood was flowing thick"
  2. midst: the location of something surrounded by other things; "in the midst of the crowd"
  3. having component parts closely crowded together; "a compact shopping center"; "a dense population"; "thick crowds"; "a thick forest"; "thick hair"
  4. in quick succession; "misfortunes come fast and thick"
  5. slurred: spoken as if with a thick tongue; "the thick speech of a drunkard"; "his words were slurred"
  6. compact: having a short and solid form or stature; "a wrestler of compact build"; "he was tall and heavyset"; "stocky legs"; "a thickset young man"
  7. Thick is an album by the fusion jazz band Tribal Tech released in 1999. As a contrast to Tribal Tech's previous recordings, the album features less compositional material and is based largely on improvization.
  8. Thicker is a 2010 film directed by Terry Nemeroff featuring an all star cast that includes Guy Pearce, Christopher Lloyd, and John Goodman. Filming took place in Michigan.
  9. Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite in its smallest solid dimension; Measuring a certain number of units in this dimension; Heavy in build; thickset; Densely crowded or packed; Having a viscous consistency; Abounding in number; Impenetrable to sight; Difficult to ...
  10. the thickness of a single piece of paper, as measured in thousandths of an inch, called “caliper.” Thickness measurements define the bulkiness of a sheet of paper, but the actual number of sheets in an inch-high stack of paper is referred to as PPI, or pages per inch. see also bulk, caliper, ppi
  11. (Thickness) The gauge or depth of a material.
  12. The thickness of a melanoma is how deep the tumor extends into the skin generally measured in millimeters (mm).
  13. the thickness of a particular gauge of sheet metal is a function of the gauge and the type of the material, and is usually specified in decimal parts of an inch. Note that the thickness of different metals with the same gauge may be different.
  14. (THICKNESS) The height difference between two atmospheric pressure levels and is related to the average temperature in the column.
  15. (Thickness) Any time you see the word “thickness” think “height” instead.
  16. (Thickness) 1.6 mm (2005–present)^[7]^[8]^[9]
  17. (Thickness) A measurement take at the thickest point.
  18. (Thickness) Extra-strength condoms are best for men who have anal sex or who tend to break condoms. Extra-thin condoms may allow more sensation, but they may break more easily.
  19. (Thickness) Measured in fractions of an inch. The thicker the fabric the more resin required to fill the weave to obtain a smooth finished part.
  20. (Thickness) Measures the separation created by the fabric between a movable plate and a parallel fixed plate at a specified pressure. (ASTM D1777-96)Go to top
  21. (Thickness) The depth dimension of a door. Standard residential door thicknesses are 1-3/8" and 1-3/4".
  22. (Thickness) The distance between one surface of a paper and the other. Also known as calliper.
  23. (Thickness) The distance from the bearing surface to the top surface measured parallel to the axis of the part.
  24. (Thickness) The production of a double layer requires regions with a significant excess of positive or negative charge, that is, where quasi-neutrality is violated.^[33]^[34] In general, quasi-neutrality can only be violated on scales of the order of the Debye length. ...
  25. (Thickness) Yes, there is a term for a teas thickness. It is the measure of "viscosity" of a tea. Like I said under malt, I've yet to have a "thick tea", and short of adding flour to it, I don't know how you could. ...