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For that reason; consequently,
  1. For that reason; consequently
    • - he was injured and therefore unable to play

  1. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result; "therefore X must be true"; "the eggs were fresh and hence satisfactory"; "we were young and thence optimistic"; "it is late and thus we must go"; "the witness is biased and so cannot be trusted"
  2. consequently: as a consequence; "he had good reason to be grateful for the opportunities which they had made available to him and which consequently led to the good position he now held"
  3. Logical consequence is a fundamental concept in logic. It is the relation that holds between a set of sentences (or propositions) and a sentence (proposition) when the former "entails" the latter. ...
  4. For that or this purpose, referring to something previously stated; Consequently, by or in consequence of that or this cause; referring to something previously stated
  5. often mispunctuated. See the Glossary entry on however for more information.
  6. the Army shovels vast quantities of tax money to institutional cronies of military and other government insiders, inherently by design of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, who offer rhetorical ruses of "suicide prevention programs" that are designed to feed the Army the ...
  7. It is possible that an improvement in the ToT can lead to a deterioration of the BoP IF:
  8. [bX] draw the three dots that form a triangle and are math notation for "therefore". For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - therefore.
  9. to say that organic produce is GMO free, while conventional produce has been produced using GMOs is generally untrue. The only exceptions are papaya, some sweet corn, and some plums.
  10. as a result, for that reason, in consequence, in that event, thus, provided that, then
  11. no woman is rational