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Of, forming, or situated at the end or extremity of something,
  1. Of, forming, or situated at the end or extremity of something
    • - a terminal date
    • - the terminal tip of the probe
  2. Of or forming a transportation terminal
    • - terminal platforms
  3. Situated at, forming, or denoting the end of a part or series of parts furthest from the center of the body

  4. (of a flower, inflorescence, etc.) Borne at the end of a stem or branch

  5. (of a disease) Predicted to lead to death, esp. slowly; incurable
    • - terminal cancer
  6. Suffering from or relating to such a disease
    • - a hospice for terminal cases
  7. (of a condition) Forming the last stage of such a disease

  8. Extreme and usually beyond cure or alteration (used to emphasize the extent of something regarded as bad or unfortunate)
    • - you're making a terminal ass of yourself
  1. An end or extremity of something, in particular

  2. The end of a railroad or other transport route, or a station at such a point

  3. A departure and arrival building for air passengers at an airport

  4. An installation where oil or gas is stored at the end of a pipeline or at a port

  5. A point of connection for closing an electric circuit

  6. A device at which a user enters data or commands for a computer system and that displays the received output

  1. station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
  2. of or relating to or situated at the ends of a delivery route; "freight pickup is a terminal service"; "terminal charges"
  3. a contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which electric current enters or leaves
  4. relating to or occurring in a term or fixed period of time; "terminal examinations"; "terminal payments"
  5. end: either extremity of something that has length; "the end of the pier"; "she knotted the end of the thread"; "they rode to the end of the line"; "the terminals of the anterior arches of the fornix"
  6. electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer; has a keyboard and display
  7. Terminal was an American rock band from Mansfield, Texas.
  8. A terminal is the point at which a conductor from an electrical component, device or network comes to an end and provides a point of connection to external circuits. A terminal may simply be the end of a wire or it may be fitted with a connector or fastener. ...
  9. Convention Center is an above-ground station on the JTA Skyway rail system in Jacksonville, Florida. When the station opened in 1989 it was known as Terminal Station. It is located on Bay Street just west of Johnson Street, adjacent to the Prime F. ...
  10. Terminal is a medical thriller written by Robin Cook. The novel peeps into the boom and curse of biotechnology.
  11. A train station (commonly station,'Station' is however commonly understood to mean 'railway station' or 'train station' unless otherwise qualified. This is evident from dictionary entries e.g. Fowler H W and Fowler F G, The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 9th ed. ...
  12. Terminal (also referred to as is a terminal emulator included in Apple's Mac OS X operating system. It originated in Mac OS X's predecessors, NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP, and allows the user to interact with the computer through a command line interface. By default it provides a bash shell.
  13. A building in an airport where passengers transfer from ground transportation to the facilities that allow them to board airplanes; A rail station where service begins and ends; the end of the line. ...
  14. (terminus) The end or final point of something; The end point of a transportation system, or the town or city in which it is located; A boundary or border, or a post or stone marking such a boundary
  15. (Terminals) The parts of a battery to which the external electric circuit is connected.
  16. (Terminals) Tiles one and nine of the three suits.
  17. (TERMINALS) Fittings for use with wire and cable to connect them with other conductors and devices.
  18. (Terminals) Covering 1 and 9 of the Serials
  19. (Terminals) Local input devices used to enter data onto mainframes in centralized computing systems.
  20. (Terminals) Metal wire termination devices designed to handle one or more conductors, and to be attached to a board, bus, or block with mechanical fasteners or clipped on.
  21. (Terminals) are strategic locations owned by the refineries for storage and distribution of their refined products. The products are taken to pumps via tankers from the terminals. They keep record of the inventory coming in and out.
  22. (Terminals) n. A classification of tiles consisting of the 1s and 9s from any suit.
  23. (Terminals) the endings of the curved portions of letters like a, c, r, C, G, and so on.
  24. (terminals) Equipment that provides real-time communications. Terminals must support audio communications, but support for video or data communications is optional. A computer running Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0 or higher is an example of an H.323 terminal.
  25. The terminus is the lower margin or extremity of a glacier, also called the snout, toe, or end. Source: Katie KellerLynn