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tenures, plural;
  1. Give (someone) a permanent post, esp. as a teacher or professor
    • - I had recently been tenured and then promoted to full professor
  2. Having or denoting such a post
    • - a tenured faculty member
  1. The conditions under which land or buildings are held or occupied

  2. The holding of an office
    • - his tenure of the premiership would be threatened
  3. A period for which an office is held

  4. Guaranteed permanent employment, esp. as a teacher or professor, after a probationary period

  1. give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"
  2. the term during which some position is held
  3. the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
  4. Tenure commonly refers to life tenure in a job and specifically to a senior academic's contractual right not to have his or her position terminated without just cause.
  5. Tenure is a 2009 American comedy film written and directed by Mike Million and starring Luke Wilson, David Koechner and Gretchen Mol. The film was produced by Paul Schiff and released by Blowtorch Entertainment as their first original production.
  6. Land tenure is the name given, particularly in common law systems, to the legal regime in which land is owned by an individual, who is said to "hold" the land (the French verb "tenir" means "to hold"; "tenant" is the present participle of "tenir"). ...
  7. a status of possessing a thing or an office; an incumbency; a period of time during which it is possessed; a status of having a permanent post at an academic institution; a right to hold land under the feudal system; To grant tenure, the status of having a permanent academic position, to (someone)
  8. The mode or manner in which a title to land is held.
  9. A system of land holdings for a temporary time period.
  10. the duration, act, manner, or right of holding something, such as an elected office or other position
  11. 5 Years. Not eligible for re-appointment
  12. The act or right of holding, as property, especially real estate.
  13. The vendor's title to a property, i.e. freehold, leasehold or crownhold.
  14. (6) (a) The members of the committee appointed under subsection (3)(a) and (b) shall hold office for the duration of their membership of the Commission or of the relevant House of the Oireachtas, as the case may be. ...
  15. As defined in the Collective Agreement: continuing employment, i.e. all employment other than fixed-term and casual, for an academic staff member’s appointment following the tenurable period.
  16. n. definitividad, permanencia, estabilidad (laboral), titularidad
  17. the status of holding one’s position permanently, as in a “tenured professor,” who cannot be removed from his or her post except in extreme circumstances
  18. A system designed to protect faculty members' academic freedom and to provide enough financial security to attract able individuals to the profession. ...
  19. Tenure is the system of holding land or property. It does not equate to ownership since, unlike goods, land cannot be possessed by one person in absolute ownership.THEME A data layer relating to a specific subject or topic of interest.
  20. To hold, possess, or occupy. The mode of holding land All land in Australia and the United Kingdom that has been granted by the Crown, even that in fee simple, is held by tenure rather than by absolute ownership, as the Crown alone is the source of all tenure. ...
  21. A position granted to senior faculty members who have demonstrated a worthy research and publication record. Its purpose is to preserve academic freedom.
  22. Tenure is something unique to higher education. A traditional path of someone who wants to teach at a college is to get their PhD, and then get a job as a professor on a campus. For the first six years or so that they are teaching, they are usually in a "tenure-track" position. ...
  23. A status granted to professors that gives protection from summary dismissal.
  24. Status of a personnel position, or a person occupying a position or occupation, with respect to permanence of the position. (source: IPEDS)
  25. Guaranteed employment status given to teachers and professors after successful completion of certain requirements within a certain time period.