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tapes, plural;
  1. Record (sound or pictures) on audio or videotape
    • - it is not known who taped the conversation
  2. Fasten or attach (something) with adhesive tape

  3. Seal or mark off an area or thing with tape

  1. A narrow strip of material, typically used to hold or fasten something
    • - a roll of tape
    • - a dirty apron fastened with thin tapes
  2. Long narrow flexible material with magnetic properties, used for recording sound, pictures, or computer data

  3. A cassette or reel containing such material

  4. A recording on such a cassette or reel

  5. A strip of paper or plastic coated with adhesive, used to stick things together

  6. A strip of material stretched across the finish line of a race, to be broken by the winner

  7. A strip of white material at the top of a tennis net

  8. A strip of material used to mark off an area

  9. A tape measure

  1. a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening; "he used a piece of tape for a belt"; "he wrapped a tape around the package"
  2. fasten or attach with tape; "tape the shipping label to the box"
  3. a recording made on magnetic tape; "the several recordings were combined on a master tape"
  4. videotape: record on videotape
  5. record: register electronically; "They recorded her singing"
  6. the finishing line for a foot race; "he broke the tape in record time"
  7. Tape is a 2001 drama film directed by Richard Linklater and written by Stephen Belber, based on his play of the same name. It stars Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, and Uma Thurman. The entire film takes place in real-time.
  8. Tapai (ta-pie) or tape (ta-peh), sometimes referred to as peuyeum (from Sundanese Language) , is a traditional fermented food found throughout much of East- and Southeast Asia. It is a sweet or sour alcoholic paste and can be used directly as a food or in traditional recipes. ...
  9. Tape is a 1999 play by Stephen Belber. It follows classical unities of action, time and space, featuring three characters in a single plot (narrative) regarding their differing perspectives of past events, in one unbroken period of real-time, in a single motel room set. ...
  10. "The Tape" is the twenty-fifth episode of Seinfeld. It is the eighth episode of the show's third season. It first aired on November 13, 1991.
  11. The Tape is debut album by Kid Capri released in February 19, 1991, on Cold Chillin' Records (distributed by Warner Bros. Records), The whole album entirely produced by Biz Markie, co-produced by Cool V.
  12. Tapes is a small city in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil, near to Porto Alegre. It's good for sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing.
  13. Flexible material in a roll with a sticky surface on one or both sides, adhesive tape; Magnetic or optical recording media in a roll, video tape or audio tape; Unthinking, patterned response triggered by a particular stimulus; Thin and flat paper, plastic or similar flexible material, usually ...
  14. (taped) under control, cinched
  15. (TAPES) For measuring distances; made of many materials, including steel, invar, linen, etc. Also made in many styles, varieties, lengths, and increments.
  16. (Tapes) Magnetic tape, 1/2” wide, with recorded information stored in the form of magnetically polarized bits. This term is often used to describe name and address files for tape processing, personalization, inkjet or emboss. ...
  17. (Tapes) Pieces of tape or strips of cloth attached to the covers, and to which sections are sewn to strengthen the binding.
  18. (tapes) Relatively inexpensive and can have very large storage capacities, but they do not permit random access of data.
  19. (Taping) a design feature whereby a piece of fabric is used to cleanly cover a seam. The term is used when referring to shoulder-to-shoulder taping.
  20. (Taping) Applying joint tape over embedding compound in the process of joint treatment of drywall.
  21. (Taping (stress point, taped seams)) Taping is the practice of using nylon gluing tape or liquid seam tape to bolster the seams on a wetsuit. Taping helps keep water out but also reduces flexibility. ...
  22. (Taping) Additional pieces of fabric sewn over a finished seam, adding comfort and durability to a garment.
  23. (Taping) The application of cord, tape, ribbon, etc. to a base material using the TMLH Series.
  24. (Taping) a temporary quick fix for screens, woodwork and other entry points. Painter’s tape and masking tape are effective for this task.
  25. To dream of tape, denotes your work will be wearisome and unprofitable. For a woman to buy it, foretells she will find misfortune laying oppression upon her.